What is the minimum/least amount of loot that you can win from a Raid when the defender's Watchtower is empty?

A conversation started in What is the biggest haul of meat & iron when raiding? that ventured off the topic of the thread for maximum loot onto the question of minimum loot.

It’s been noted that it’s possible to lose no Iron or Food as the defender being attacked if you’ve just emptied your Watchtower — but attackers appear to always get Food and Iron anyway, so presumably there’s a minimum amount that’s awarded, even if the defender’s Watchtower is empty.

By request of multiple thread participants, I’ve moved the conversation about this to a new thread so it can continue.

As the conversation evolved from another one, there isn’t a clear starting point for the first post, so I’m cross- quoting some of the lead-up here, and then merging in the posts thereafter below.


It seems you do not understand.

You lose nothing but cups if you clear your tower and then exit the game. The raider gets cups, only.

There is no such thing in the game, for a raider to get no food and iron. Only if you empty the tower and attack after, the player you attacked, will not receive any food and iron on his/her revenge. Because any avenger receives the resources the player had in tower at the time of the attack. So you make some confusions… Only a player who takes revenge can get only cups, not a raider.

If you show me a ss with no food and iron, except revenges, I will call you master. Savvy?

Master J1mau.
Suits me well :grin:


Yep, I have a lots of these. I always empty the tower before I go raiding. I give as little as possible. Almost all players who had their revenges on me, got only the cups. So cheap I am :rofl:

Btw, there is a minimum amount of food and iron given to a raider, even the player who got attacked, just went offline and has emptied the tower. I don’t know exactly the number. I think the minimum is 2k food and even less iron. But a mod must know better the answer…


The things you see listed in your tower just show you what you lost. If is shown only cups, that doesn’t mean the player didn’t get iron and food (because he got), it means you didn’t lose any. And I said that in my first response. So, in short, every player in this game gets some iron and food, on his raid or revenge. The results you see listed in your tower, mean the amount of cups, food and iron you lost. If there are only cups listed, that doesn’t mean the player didn’t get any food and iron. Because there is no such thing in this game. Savvy?

P.S. Show me a ss with available loot food 0 and iron 0 and I don’t just call you master, I will uninstall the game :rofl:

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It’s definitely far less than that in terms of what you lose at least.

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This is what the player lose, could be only the cups. I wonder if you know the minimum amount the other player gets in fact. I know last year was 4k food and 2k iron as the minimum available loot.

Just yikes


I’m not sure, but I assume it’s also related to this:


This shows me being raided and losing cups, only.

@Scarecrow is saying thr raider is getting loot from the game (I think) rather than me. Okay. I don’t have any reason to say he is wrong. All I do know is by clearing my tower I lose nothing.


Good. Finally you understood.

@Bud even if YOU don’t loose loot and only loose cups- the opponent still WINS minimal iron and food along with the cups…regardless of if you show a loss or not. Game generates this…


I have not been rewarded that way, but I guess that is because I wouldn’t waste a raid-flag on just cups.

BTW, how do you know this. Not meant as a challenge, just do not remember it being posted.

I do not understand the part about e&p gifting resources to those who raided cleared towers; rather, I am accepting your word for it. I have not seen it.

Believe me, I pay attention to those notes. Revision 1.12 nerfed the raid loor. It was a very sore point, but nothing was said about minimum loot.

I am wondering if this is something from the earliest parts of play when a player begins raiding.

And, I ran search and did not find this.

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Bud, are these recent raids?
As in last weeks raids? Or are these old screens from pre update where we can gain food and iron?

Generated recruits

Recruits are generated for the winner. They are not removed from the loser’s Watchtower.


Since they went to arenas based loot, and trophies based loot, I wonder if the attacker rewards are 100% generated based on arena, trophies gained, and defending Watchtower production values. From a game Dev point of view this would stabilize the rewards, and penalties, for raiding.


You could test it for the Top 100 since they can be raided while online.


Never met an opponent without at least a few k of food and iron.


Just emptied before been raided.

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