Tournament attack

Is there anywhere wrighten rules about tournament attacks, if the both players lost their heroes who gets the win. In my case i lost… but my attack kill the opponent first. and after my hero died from the counterattack. why should he get the win and not me.

It’s the same as raid rules. Defense wins ties. Defense also wins if the battle times out.


the game rules are clear. u lost all your heroes u are defeated. why changing them… from my side he lost because i make the final hit he was dead before my hero died, correct me if i’m wrong.

Yeah, but he had the points/cups. If all your heroes are dead, who is gonna bring those home to you? Lol.

You have to have a hero left alive after all the riposte, bleed, burn, reflect etc is worked out, that’s how it’s always been, I’m afraid :man_shrugging:t3:

From my point of view the game should stop when the opponent is without heroes. so we don’t have situations like this, where you win without standing hero on the battle ground.

That’s fine.

Unfortunately that’s not the way the game is setup. Especially since the attacking team has all of the advantages in raiding the way it’s currently configured.

That would be logically inconsistent both within game and in reality.

We raid to steal some iron and ham supplies from another player’s watchtower along with any cups left lying around in it.

For the raid to be successful somebody has to be alive to grab the goods and make a dash for it.

If everyone in your raiding party died in the attack then the goodies remain safely in the watchtower. The criteria of success for a raid is therefore that someone from the attacking party is alive to steal the goodies at the end of the attack (arguably perhaps that amount of ham/iron we nick should correlate to how many of the attacking heroes survived but anyhu going off track).

As such if the success criteria for a raid is an attacker surviving to pinch the loot then a tournament of raids would require the same success criteria (even if no loot is present per attack) that the attacking party must have someone survive the assault for the raid to be considered a success.


Tournament attacks have the same rules as basic raids, in which you attack someone & their base with your troops (heroes) to take stuff from them (cups, food, iron etc.) If your heroes die & your opponent’s heroes die, you didn’t “win” since there is no one on your team to take the loot back to your base. There is a discussion about it somewhere on the forum. (e.g here:)

Some people think it’s dumb, some think these rules make sense :woman_shrugging:

Sorry that doesn’t make sense to me, the game should stop when the last hero is dead.

If you want to suggest a change to the rules, feel free to put it in the "Ideas and Feature Requests " section. As things stand, the game is working as designed

There already is one I believe:

It is a turn based game. Although you may kill their last hero at the start of a turn, everything needs to be resolved within that turn before a victor is declared. If your last hero dies during the final stages of the turn, the software will then make a simple evaluation. If you have heroes and he doesn’t, you win. If you have no heroes and he does, he wins. If you both have no heroes, you failed and lose. If time runs out and both have heroes alive, you failed and lose.

It’s really quite simple. Get them next time!


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