What does my blue titan team look like?

I have a good problem to have. I have too many greens. We are regularly taking down 11* titans and take down the occasional 12*. What should my team look like?

Buffers – Ranvir, Miki (4-25)
Leveled Green 5s – Alby, Zeline, Lianna, Evelyn, Lady of the Lake (4-40ish), Kingston(only ascension lvl 2, but leveling fast)
On bench green 5s – Margaret (3-70), Elkanen (1-1), Kadilen (1-1), Horghall (1-1)

I tend to go a 4-1 with a buffer and 4 strong colors. However, here are my other leveled (or working on 5s in case you have any better ideas…

Purple - Sartana, Kage (2 of them), Ursena, Kunchen, Aeron
Yellow – Joon, Delilah, Onatel, Leonidas
Blue – Athena, Alasie, Aegir, Magni, Isarnia

Not going to bother to list out reds :slight_smile:



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Do you have gaderius? Or buddy?

I didn’t think to list out 4s figuring they would be one shot by an 11 star titan. Here are my green 4s …

Leveled - Hansel (+12), Buddy, Peters, Caedmon, Melendor
1-1 - Gobbler, Gadeirus, Skittleskull, Kashhrek, Little John


Buddy evelyn gaderius zeline miki

Probly how i would roll

Turtle bannes + axes should prevent death. Possibly even just turtle banners

And if buddy only does minions for nearby then i would go this order:

Evelyn gaderius zeline buddy miki

Firing order: evelyn buddy gaderius zeline miki


I run Eve, King, Lianna, Athena and miki.

I think I’d end up with Miki, Alby, Lianna, Eve, Zeline.

Why would you fire Miki last? She doesn’t give a chance to miss, shouldn’t Miki be fired first?

Miki increases only tile damage so the order does not really matter.

Just the way I’d do it :man_shrugging:

Even though the special skills are a very small role in damage on titans, I’d still wanna maximize every little bit of damage i can which is why i would fire the greens in that order

Miki doesnt buff specials. Plus I’m still in the wu habit of always firing the wildcard attack buffer last. Since the habit doesnt hinder anything, i have no motivation to change.

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Given your bench I’d go with
Miki - tile damage buff
Zeline - tile damage plus attack debuff
Evelyn - Elemental def debuff
Lady of the Lake - Locks down titan’s SS as long as there is even 1 minion on the board.
Buddy/Grimm - Normal defense debuff. This debuff is a must have for titans. Even to the point of doubling up on blue heroes instead of maximizing your green tile damage if you don’t have Buddy.

11-star titans aren’t that dangerous for 4-stars, even the squishy ones like Grimm. IIRC a single axe debuff or turtle banner def buff will lower the titans slash damage to the point where Grimm can survive it without emblems. You will have to heal them back up to survive a 2nd hit though.

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You’d think I’d read the heroes I play with… Good lord. I always thought Miki buffed all damage, not just tile damage…

Thank you!