Blue titan team

Hi all! My blue titan team is Ranvir, Grimm, Margaret (2/60), Melendor and Hansel

Just finished leveling Kiril and wondering if I should replace one of the green heroes with him for the attack buff. What do you guys think?
Thanks in advance!! :slight_smile:

No expert here but… Margaret 2/60 for a titan? Her attack score is decent when maxed, but I can’t imagine she would be of any use against a titan (or much of anything for that matter) at 2/60…

When you say you just finished Kiril, I’m guessing you mean 4/70? If so, I’m thinking he’d definitely be better than Margaret (I could be wrong though).

Are your Melendor and Hansel maxed? And what other greens do you have?


Hi! Thanks for the comment, yes Everyone is fully leveled except Margaret (I’m gonna bring her to 3/70 but waiting for shields), i don’t have any other greens except an unleveled Gadeirus

Ah okay then. Yeah if you’re limited on options, heavy color stacking is always a decent bet. I’ve even used 3* when I didn’t have enough of one color (with mixed results, they usually die immediately, but at least I get the extra stack damage).

I like Kiril, but you should probably wait for one of the more experienced game experts to weigh in because I’m not entirely sure on the mathematics (whether or not Kiril’s attack bonus is better than the potential increased damage from having a third green).

Grats on pulling Ranvir though, solid titan hero :+1:

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Thanks TGW! I’ll wait for some
Comments and experiment in the meantime, appreciate the help :raised_hands:

Yes, if you have Brienne, thats better IMO.

Depends on items you take… similar buffs from dragon banner… so you might want someone else with better attack stats.

Didn’t mean to reply. Lol. Oops. Oh well.

How DARE you!!!

Don’t you know that you’re not supposed to reply directly to me unless you’re going to make fun of me? :grin:

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How rude of me… my sincere apologies. It won’t happen again.

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