Placement of heroes and order of abilities

Hello, fam!
I have a question regarding following lineup against blue titans.
Please advise positions of heroes and correct order of abilities? Should i fire Buddy before Evelyn or afterwards? And should i change current positions?

Thanks in advance!


And i also have a question regarding red titan attack, i have following blue heroes: Magni, Richard, Frida, Sonya, Kiril, Grimm, Triton, Boril. which line-up will be the most suitable?

What’s buddies defence debuff compared to Evelyn’s?

Could you please re-insert the image so that it isn’t a link that auto-downloads? I quite refuse to download files at random, but the forum supports direct-display of images. :slight_smile:

I’ll try to when i get my hands on PC, i posted this via phone

Eve -54% against nature for 4 turns
Buddy -34% defence for 3 turns

I’ll do it because I clicked on the link without thinking!


Eve then buddy would be my guess. The increase difference should be higher that way. But either way, that’s a nice combo

Ye, that was my initial thoughts, thanks
And what about positioning?

Buddy provides Defense Down, while Evelyn provides Nature Defense Down. These are two completely independent debuffs. As such, the question is actually about the total damage done by these two heroes in each order:

  1. Buddy, then Evelyn: 3134 single-target damage
  2. Evelyn, then Buddy: 3203 single-target damage

The reason for this is that although Evelyn hits harder and takes great advantage of the defense reduction provided by Buddy, Buddy only reduces Defense by 34%, while Evelyn reduces the Elemental Defense by 54%. That extra 20% is what pushes things over the edge.


(Attack * Special Dmg % * Dmg Increase from Defense Debuff)
Buddy Unbuffed Damage: 531 * 2.05 = 1088.55
Evelyn Buffed Damage: 727 * 2.1 * 1.34 = 2045.78
Total for Buddy-then-Evelyn: 3134.33

Evelyn Unbuffed Dmg: 727 * 2.1 = 1526.7
Buddy Buffed Dmg: 531 * 2.05 * 1.54 = 1676.37
Total for Evelyn-then-Buddy: 3203.07

…these figures are modified, of course, by the game systems, but still should show a relevant power ratio between the two heroes in question.


Positioning is ok since the only one that matters is Buddy to protect Wu with minion.

I would fire Buddy first then Evelyn since Eve hits harder and the def debuff makes it greater.
This is based on my gut feeling until one of the math genius proves otherwise.

May I welcome @Garanwyn :smile:


Hello newbie here,
Been playing for 4 month, let me see if i got this strait, correct me if I’m wrong.
He is talking about blue titans, Buddy is defense down for every color tiles, Evelyn is defence down only for green tiles right?
I don’t have them so didn’t get to try them.
Does the defence down stacks for green tiles?
Just asking.
Have fun.

Do the debuffs stack? Yes - Def down + elemental Def down is bad news for the titan.


Thank you, Will remenber, I’m assuming it does applies for every elemental?
Have fun.

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Yes, if you’re fortunate enough to get Arthur, Panther etc!

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My fav is Jackal ( only one with elemental i think, i should really memorize my roster,lol)
Thanks again.
Have fun.


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