Please help with my green and purple titan teams

Hi all. I wanted to see if you all could help with my titan teams for blue and purple titans. I’ve got a very deep roster, I just haven’t been able to find a mix that does consistently well against these colors.

For the blue titans I’ve typically brought: Miki, Wilbur, falcon, BK, and GM. Would love to pull Marj’s costume, but no luck so far.

For purple, I’m usually bringing Gazelle (or miki), Wilbur, jackal, Joon, and some other yellow. This gets some decent results but is just super streaky.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Emblems on Wilbur? My monk emblems are on Drake and Bera, so there’s not a lot left over for Wilbur.


For the blue titans it doesn’t make sense that you bring red heroes, as red is weak against blue. You should choose green heroes.

Costume Vivica could be a good option instead of Wilbur.


This may be a dumb question, but I assume you mean green Titans?

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Agree with @Silencio switch in costume Viv for Wilbur. The other change I’d make is to bring Mist for the extra decrease when hitting with specials.


I do mean green titans sigh. Sorry for the confusion.


Against green titans you could bring
Black Knight - Wilbur - Garnet - Gravemaker - Wu Kong

Garnet is to keep you from losing the attack buff, Gravemaker’s barbarian talent does ok damage and he has a high attack score.

Wu Kong doesn’t set a cap on your normal attack.

For purple titans you can bring
C. Vivica - G. Gazelle - G. Jackal - Drake Fong - Poseidon

Malosi would be better than poseidon effect wise but if he isn’t emblemed he isn’t worth it.

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With BK active he won’t loose the Atk buff and without him active there is no Atk buff. So I think garnet is not really necessary. I don’t know how high her attack is, but most of the time an element def down is more useful even a 4* without emblems

Good thought! I just got her costume maxed, but haven’t really used her yet. I’ll try that!

Garnet is interesting, but I’m surprised you suggest her over falcon. I’ll certainly look at her more closely, but her atk is pretty low (761 vs 868 for GM). The heals could be nice, tho.

Interesting choice of Wu over Miki. I’ve always read Miki gives the greater overall return. I do also have Ranvir, though he’s a 3/70. I presume he’d be preferable to Wu if I maxed him?

Mist over hitters like Poseidon or Drake? Do you think it’s worth the loss of tile damage?

You weren’t kidding man. Of your 10 maxed red legendaries displayed , I only have 3.

Against green titans, Wilbur and Falcon combo is a staple, unless you have costumed Marjana so you can replace Falcon. Miki would still be your attack booster if you are not a fan of missed hits courtesy of Wu Kong. The next two are red heroes that have high or the highest attack stat and if they bring additional buffs like attack up, that would be a bonus. My antigreen titan team is composed of Miki (attack booster; I don’t have Tarlak, Wilbur (defense debuffer), Falcon (elemental defense debuffer; I don’t have costumed Marjana), Ares (attack and crit buff for himself and nearby) and GM (my only hero that has the highest attack stat with Element Link adding 5% attack and 5% defense to all red allies). I make sure Ares’ special is fired first before if they have all their manas charged.

Against purple titans, try doing Gazelle, costumed Vivica, Guardian Jackal, Poseidon and Drake. Don’t bother with Mist. She may render the titan susceptible to more damage from specials, but we all know that tile damage rules when facing titans.

The more emblems you can place on those heroes, the better their survivability and damage output are.

Replace GM with Zim

Use cViv replace Wilbur and add Gazelle

Tarlak or Miki depending on which titan you fight

Use 4-1

No, Mist doesn’t offer anything on Titans, special damage is meaningless, it’s all about the tiles


Thanks @Ultra, good thoughts!

And don’t worry - when you’ve also been playing for over 3 years, you’ll get there :wink:

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@AirHawk, zim overwrites BK, who’s got a better atk buff, so not sure why I’d want both zim and BK on the team? Unless you meant to replace BK with Zim?

Oh forgotten that part. Stick with gm for th ke link or you can use Natalya for the mana control.

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