What do you do when you run out of heroes to level?

Load up the Extra low cost recruit training. Time is often the biggest restriction on Hero XP.

You can also hoard food in 1x Training camp because all those 1* / 2* heroes will need a lot of food to level a 5* hero.

Use your diploma as your screen background, bald is the new beautiful, sacrifice co workers to appease Zeus, remember wherever you go there you are, clothing to blend in with the natives of this planet, not enough agitation but it will sterilizate low level zombie splatter.


Not really. I don’t use many loot tickets. Only if late at night or Atlantis. You can get to this point eventually. Before getting there, I saw others and thought “what am I doing wrong.” I wasn’t doing anything wrong, just wasn’t there yet.


I have been leveling all 3* and 4* I ignored for 2 years. Even maxed Boomer! (That is the bottom of the pit).


I’m not quite there yet, but once I reach a desirable roster depth, I will just pile up feed in TC11, only going for special heroes that will come along, being able to level them up immediately (if you are not leveling any hero, you save feed and AMs).


Got completely rid of it (on the head and strategic places)


Just a thought, you could either train yourself to ignore it (I more or less ignore the “free” at the summon portal) or move the camps to a section of base you don’t visit very often.

Like my camps are up in the middle under the stronghold. Maybe it’ll help moving them to the far left/right near the walls or away from the farm/mine cluster.


I think this is the correct answer. However, I’m currently working on a mono-Danza team instead :rofl::upside_down_face:


I have got all the classic 3, 4 and 5* heroes. Not all of the 5* are fully leveled (4* mats are rare…).
It’s time for SGG to get going. New heroes are needed. The game is 2,5 years old, with the same old classic heroes all the time.
No new tournament hero, no HotM nr. 388, no event hero is needed. NO!
We need new classic hero’s → best long term Investment for SGG
We will get costumes, but that’s not the same.


I’m creeping up on a similar situation, where I don’t have a lot of heroes left that I want to level.

I typically prefer 3-2 in War, so I hypothetically would like 18 heroes in each color, but there are a few reasons that doesn’t actually make sense in practice:

  • Almost every opponent we face uses blue tanks, and almost no opponent uses green tanks, so I don’t really actually need as many fire heroes as nature heroes, for instance

  • Maxed 4* heroes of the right color are often less useful than Emblemed 4* or Unemblemed 5* of a neutral color against the tank, and strong color against a flank, so I already don’t use all of my heroes of the strong color against the tank anyway

  • Unemblemed 4* aren’t super useful in Raid Tournaments either, because of matchmaking being based on your strongest eligible heroes

  • I only have so many 4* mats for 5* heroes, so I can’t level all of them, and leveling more duplicate 4* doesn’t really make a ton of sense, again because of Emblems and the lack of usage

So I’m expecting to finish up the 3* and 4* fire and holy heroes I care to level, and then off color feed (:confounded:) the green, blue, and purple heroes I’m still working on.

But that’s only going to last so long too.

I’m expecting that by next year, I’ll basically be sitting on feeders in Training Camps, and power leveling new Challenge Event and Season 3 heroes as I get them — and that’ll mostly just be for fun/variety, since again, Unemblemed heroes are becoming less and less useful.


I actually do use at least one healer per team in wars, just not in my everyday raids. And between my 70s and 80s, I do have 18+ in each color. :wink:


193 days of TC19? Is there enough ham in the game to process all of that?


I appreciate these replies. Everyone else only seemed interested in providing logical answers for my hero leveling problem.

I’ve recently started cutting my hair as short as my clippers will go, and it really is nice. I can dry my head off after a shower in about five seconds, I don’t need to buy shampoo, I never have bedhead in the morning… However, winter is approaching, the mornings are getting colder, and I fear I’ll soon have to make a choice between spending my allowance on stocking hats or gems. New heroes or a warm noggin? Decisions, decisions… :thinking:


I agree, I would love to see new 4* heroes. I’m sure SG is trying to walk the fine line between quantity and quality, though.


I hope you have brought this post to the Devs attention.


This sounds exactly like my situation. As you stated, too, there are some solutions, but they are all temporary…


Training camp 19
Could by any training.

The only base regret I have is leveling all 4 camps to level 20.

I should have left my oldest TC11, with 2000x Extra low cost training ( RT11), at TC11 instead of emptying it and raising it to level 20.

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The big question is what to do about it.

Vastly more Emblems would just return us to something like the status quo from before Emblems, except with the addition of Talents.

It’s moderately off-topic for this thread, but I think the game design is broken if all they can come up with are more ways to level heroes further, and more new heroes.

I think the game needs to move away from hero acquisition and leveling to adding more new ways to use the heroes we have.

I’ve ranted about that publicly a couple times before, but am not sure how to convince the game designers of it.

My early private feedback in Beta (link will work only for Beta players) about Alchemy Lab was rooted in the same premise of adding a new game element, but an earlier expression of it. Obviously that went nowhere.

I’m not sure how to effectively campaign for a game design shift at this point.

And the Challenge Event revamps and Season 3 give every indication that they’re mainly fixated on just continuing to add more heroes.


Gem summons.

Every time you log into your account to hit the titan, the incandescent burning plasma ball of your rage from summoning 2,000x 3* heroes instead the HotM, or featured 5* hero, will keep you toasty.

In late summer your decision will be harder. Repair your device’s screen and the dry wall or pay the air conditioning bill ( USA ) / libations bill ( remaining world ).


Ahh, I’m just stupid then, doh!

I think the way to go is just make older HOTM trainable heroes, let’s say Zeline, Natalya, Aeron, etc.

Some of those heroes are not par with new HOTM, but still have interesting features.

So, they would only need to work on 4*s.