Defense team advice pls

Im currently running Joon, Kunchen, Aegir, Azlar, Lianna.
I have Elena and Isarnia fully leveled as well. Should i stick with what im currently using or swap it up any?

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Typically rainbow defense teams work best, barring there being synergy to double up on a color, such as an elemental defense debuffer and a strong hitter in that same color, or yellow/purple flanks to the opposite tank — which you don’t have either of as considerations.

Given that, I’d be inclined to stick with a rainbow team.

On that basis, the question is whether either new hero is better than its same-color counterpart.

While Isarnia and Elena can both be useful on defense and elsewhere, I don’t think either is a stronger choice than Aegir and Azlar.

In terms of your current configuration, I’d consider making Kunchen tank, as I find him far more troublesome than Aegir as tank, and he’s more likely to fire in a timely fashion as tank than flank.

Azlar can also be a finicky flank, as he’s squishy enough that he can die almost accidentally. Kunchen as tank with an Aegir flank may help keep him alive — but your team could also potentially support Azlar as a wing, where he’ll take longer to fire, but can end up being well timed if an attacker has been futzing with Kunchen and Aegir while Azlar charges.

It may be worth tracking your defensive win/loss history in a few different configurations for a few days each to determine which averages out to be most successful.


Your current one is not bad but I dont like having Aegir as tank.

Potentially devastating combo would be:

Isarnia - Joon - Kunchen - Lianna - Azlar or

Lianna - Joon - Kunchen - Aegir - Azlar

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