What are you saving gems for now?

I’m saving gems for Valhalla. But Gravemaker is tempting me to buy an Atlantis offer and spend some. But overall Valhalla offers more value with all the freshly added heroes

I am saving all my gems and different coins and tokens for Clarissa. She is so lovely and I really hope I can get her :smile_cat:

I will probably spend my gems on Valhalla too because the new heroes look awesome. Unless the Costume chamber is mean and gives me only twicers for all my collected keys. Then I will spend gems on the Costume chamber.

If they buff Clarissa before release I will push 70 summons and probably buy summon extra summon too. But if they don’t buff clarissa then I’ll just do my 6 Atlantis summons and wait for July too then. Drake Ariel and Mike are all really good heroes, sort of best in class at what they do. Who is the 4th next month? @joppe
Also, where do you get your info on what heroes will be in the upcoming Atlantis summons?

After some thought I think I will do exactly the same.
Mok-Arr is the last one, and I guess he isn’t the most interesting :sweat_smile:

Thank you for the response!

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I am a ftp; and I am actually in the process of saving up 8400 gems for a 30x pull. I am at 3200+ now.

Maybe I will be ready by the time season 4 is released… at least I would be pulling some new heroes lol :joy:


I was thinking of 30x season three pull. Will probably have to wait and extra go round. Reading this may make me want costume chamber. I find using all the duplicate costumes I don’t want to level up the costumes I want to keep works nicely.

waiting for the next costume chamber too.

I’d love to get Magni, Kadilen or Sartana since I already have those heroes maxed.

I may consider giving rings to Azlar if I get his costume

If I don’t get Clarissa from costume pulls, I’ll try for her during next Valhalla

I’m also waiting for Seshat to return in atlantis portal

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Honestly, when looking at costume Magni…forget hunti Bg for Clarissa bring on Magni!

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With all the little offers and a lot of patience over the last months i can pull 23 times for GM tomorrow…waited so long for both GM and Clarissa so I let it happen all tommorow…=D

I dont know what to do .
I know i dont want to use my gems (3k of gems ) in grimmforest.
I will spend my Atlantis coins (500) on AR.
Should i do a X10 pull here ? Well i dont know … GM is tempting but i already have JF . Not the same but hes in my roster .

Then i have 1k of Valhalla coins plus other 1k i will buy from the offers that will give me enough fuel to try to get the new epics and rare .

So my doubt with the gems are if i do a X10 Atlantis pull or i go with all to try to get new costumes.
I can try to do a x20 here but not in Atlantis because i Will need costume and challange offers to achieve it

You can have mine free of charge, well ok maybe give me two compasses in exchange since I’m chronically short on those. (I seem to almost always have 2x more gloves than compasses…)

I did not realize you could be sad at pulling a legendary until I pulled Atomos. At least he’s not Mok-arrrrrghhhh I guess. But I also pulled Marg-ugh-ret last AR :sob: :sob:

I think that the nasty shark is over atomos hehe.
But its all about tastes