We're stuck, help us progress! Low stress alliance looking for players. Newer players to E&P welcome!

Titan Looters is a new alliance, so we’re recruiting! We’re a low stress alliance, no crazy rules. We’re focused on gaining ascension items from titans, so other titan hitters are appreciated. Looking for a small group of experienced players now, lots of spots open, and we’ll see where we can get from there!

Update with more info- we’re 2 experienced players, team power 3000+. We left a big, bad alliance to try something new!

Cup requirement is 600, so newer players are still welcome. We just need some people to hit titans! Open to giving advice and helping new players, or just being a place for people to get some good titan loot, just like we want to do.

If you are interested we are looking for q couple of members to join our alliance. We are currently hitting 5-6* titans and could use a couple of hevy hitters. Very relaxed and most hit daily. If you are interested check out Harambe’s Clan

Thanks Philip! Appreciate the offer. If gathering a band of our own doesn’t work out, I’ll be sure to check the alliance out.

Update-We have one spot filled, many to go! We need more players to get this thing going. Feel free to reach out to me if interested.

Updating since the new members said this post was what brought them in! 5 spots filled, 25 to go. We’re ranging from 2300-3400 power right now, demolishing titans with just the small group. Will be up to big titans soon

Update- We need help! The game won’t move us past 2 star titans, even though we take them out in 10 minutes or less. Anyone feel like helping us build up so we can attack more exciting titans? I promise it’s low stress, no rules. We just want exciting gameplay and other people who want that too!

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Hey there. Is it invite only? Or can I join up after my current war is done? I’m looking for a new alliance and to start out small.

Hi! Nope, not by invite. We do have the limit at 600 cups. If that’s an issue, let me know, and I can talk to the leader.

Are you guys doing wars ?

Hey! Yes, we are. They’ve been against small teams so far, which was actually nice because we destroyed them! (In a nice way haha). It gave us a chance for lots of points and higher loot tier chance

new thread opened by alliance.