Elementals - Continued! are now Recruiting!

We’re a new alliance looking for new members of all levels to grow with us and enjoy the game.

We would love to have players from all over the world, so someone is always around to help out, answer questions and/or make calls.

No Drama. No Crazy Rules. No Pressure.


  1. Be active daily.
  2. Titans: Use all flags.
  3. War: Use all flags or opt-out.
  4. TP 3K+ and 1600+ cups.
  5. Communication is mandatory.

We know R/L happens, so please communicate if you are going to be absent or are unable to use flags.

We use Discord as a means of out-of-game communication.

Chat to us for more information:
Discord IDs
( @Neano ): Neano#8402
( @altlyzr ): altlyzr#1427

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Heya folks

If you’re looking for a laidback alliance but still want to enjoy the game, please do come and check us out!

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Hello fellow gamers :wave:

We’re still looking for members to join us!

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Post bump :grinning:

We’re still looking for more folks to join us.

Currently hitting 7* Titans with ease.

No Drama. No Crazy Rules. No Pressure.

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