Are you an active player wanting to boost your loot?

Looking to fill a few spots in our active alliance. Ideally 1500 cups and up with TP of 2500+. Currently we are fighting 7* titans but have a lot of dead weight amongst our alliance. If we can add a few more dedicated players we can easily be fighting 8*/9*, which with a little strategy gets us all loot tier 9 (3 ascension material spins) on each titan.

Everyone is very friendly and participates daily, so we’d ask the same of you :slight_smile:

Let me know if you’re interested in giving us a try!

Hi I am co leader for the team I promote and kick off players that are not active I am 2.5 trophy level 50.username Zephyr.

I’m looking for people to join our alliance, is that what you are looking for?

I am looking for a alliance that is competitive that will dedicated there time in the game to grow. I have been with the team from the start but they are very carefree with the game. To be stong and grow with the team and win war and Titans. 1 and half years I am the leader of the team .

You would definitely like our team! Everyone is very dedicated and always trying to improve :). What is your team strength and number of cups?

4126 is my team strength 2.5 trophy. Level 50.

The alliance is WhoopDatAss if you’d like to join

i am level 28
team power 2974
trophies 1118
active everyday
looking for a good daily active team

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Come check us out :slight_smile:


Still looking for active/dedicated members to join!

Digger, you would be perfect for #war#
Hit us up! you won’t regret it, guaranteed,

Lol are you really recruiting in my thread? Get outa here buddy

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