The Titaneers are looking for active, mellow players to join our family of oddballs!

We have spots open in ‘The Titaneers.’

We like to describe ourselves as a rough and tumble squad of misfits, hooligans, and weirdos! We don’t take ourselves too seriously and try to just have a good time and support each other. Laid back, working together to kill titans and win wars.

We ask for participation but don’t get hung on on how many trophies you have, what your team power is, what your titan damage was. If you’re participating, then we are happy to have you!

Our alliance is getting close to a year old, and I’ve tried to keep it a place of positivity and friendliness (something I find more and more rare on the internet these days).

We are currently fighting 7-8* titans.

We’d love to have you in the Titaneers family!

-Rowbby the Sheeth (Leader)

Hi relatively new player, keen to improve, interested in joining an active, fun alliance, what requirements do you need? If it helps I’m likely mad, at least that’s what the voices say :wink:

Madness is one of our few requirements!

Our entry is set low at 200 trophies. Or Cups, or whatever people call them.

Excellent, I’ll qualify twice then, have about 900 trophies. I’m about to crash for a few hours, my username in game is chogobad, if it’s ok I’ll join once I wake up.

Absolutely! See you later!

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Do you still have spots open? I’m looking for a more active alliance. I’ve been playing for a couple months and have a little over 900 cups. Let me know if you need any more info. (Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas, etc.!)

We do still have a spot open! We’d love to have you join!

Rowbby… How do I do that? Looks like you guys are invite only. My player name in the game is Dane.

Search for our alliance and then request to join.

We have a couple spots open again! Looking for new members to our crazy family!

If you need a friendly alliance that can have fun and isn’t going to admonish you for missing a titan here and there, come over to the Titaneers! We’re a tight group of goons just having fun and supporting each other. Many of our members have been with us for over a year now!

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Hiya, do you still have spots open? We are two weirdos looking for a new, more active and most importantly fun alliance. Quite new to the game, around 1500-1700 cups.

Hi Kitten! We would love to have you! We DO have two spots open!

Sorry it took me so long to respond. Hopefully you haven’t gone somewhere else! =)

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No worries, thanks! Super, and we have not :). Will request to join later today then.

How many players do you have? We are looking for 8 more to fill our roster - The Knights Templar

Kitten if they are full check us out at The Knights Templar

Thanks mate but we just snagged the two spots with Titaneers :). Good luck to you Knights Templars!

Not cool to jump on someone else’s recruitment post!

Thanks for the backup, princess1!

We were very happy to have two new members join our happy family. We have one more open spot if anyone is looking for a home!

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Hello all! If you’re looking for a fun alliance that doesn’t take itself too seriously, come join us hooligans in The Titaneers!

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