Is this a cheat or a good war strategy

Ok so I am in an alliance of 3 all are F2P and have six war teams. Highest war team is 3200 then it drops off to unlevelled 3* heroes in team six.
We got matched to an alliance with 3 war members. All of them sitting at 3156, 2415 and 2551 team strength in their alliance
War begins and the opponents teams show up:
Team one strength 878 - rainbow 1* heroes all level 1/1 with same troops
Team two strength 2415 - rainbow level 3* heroes all unlevelled
Team three - jumped to 3848 with Rigard+19, Melendor+10, Aegir tank 4/80, Boldtusk+11 and Kirin+12.
We can battle teams 1 and 2 fine. But have no impact on team 3 at all. Most flags get zero points.
And the points we get from defeating team 1 are very very low. So it’s odds on defeat today.
My question is - is this a good war strategy? We are seriously thinking of trying this mid-week

It’s certainly not cheating :slight_smile:

So is it a good war strategy for very small alliances. We are thinking of fielding two war teams in the next war all made up of 1* heroes so that we can greatly reduce the points the opponents can get

You will still be matched on your full strength, so if you are matched with a team who can turnover your strong team, you’ll have gifted them a ton of points with your easy defences and gained nothing.

It only works if you can field an impenetrable single team and it’s still dicey


Ok cheers … much appreciated

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