War strategies (moving to more autonomous war hits)

Wars are one of the most exciting parts of E&P but it seems to be that everyone kind of does the best that they can in terms of strategy and I’ve love to hear from others in how they make their wars work. Some background:

We’re not a top alliance or anything like that, just a friendly bunch of people trying to work together. Real life always comes first but people are fairly good at staying on top of what the alliance needs. We recently moved people to a training alliance to give the more serious / less casual players a better chance to succeed together.

Our TPs range from 2400 - 4100 with 9 of our 13 members above the 3k mark. For the most part we can handle our own but flips are never possible without the big guns on the field.

The issue we face is how to organize wars. Some options we’ve considered and tried:

  1. On days where war starts late enough in the day that it carries into the next day, we have tried to farm targets, farm them again and then attempt a double flip and barrage.
  2. On days where war does NOT start late enough (5am starts for example), we typically try and flip right away, farm targets, flip again at the 12 hour mark and then barrage.

The issues come with managing real life and schedules (we’re all in roughly the same timezone) and war presence.

My questions for y’all are:

  1. What has been your experience going from “organized” war to “come on and hit”?
  2. If there’s no set targets for your war, how do you organize your flip?
  3. What kind of war guidelines do you have in place that you’ve seen be successful?

I would love to get us to a point where everyone knows when war starts, they come on and we attempt to flip/reset within the first six hours (to avoid respawns). I’m assuming next steps would be to farm lowest targets and then when new flags become available, attempt another flip (within 8 hours of first farmed target) and then barrage.

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