Mid level Alliance War help?

I’m the warlord for a mid level alliance (war score of about 50k). We’re averaging 50/50 wins and losses in war, and I’d really like to know what we can do to improve.

We have a VERY wide range of participants, from 2500 on the low end (and other teams are FAR weaker) to 4260 at the top (3 over 4K). Between 20-25 players, modal defense of about 3600. Wide variety of time zones.

Broad strokes of current war plan:

  1. mono tanks
  2. kill lowest 20-25% of enemy teams
  3. kill respawns repeatedly
  4. all out last 8 hours
  5. ALWAYS use all flags.

We usually get 2 flips in the last 8 hours.

We prioritize one shots, and then teamwork to get others. Communicate in app and using LINE.

Anything we can do better?


I’m sure people will post some advice, but always bear in mind that the game has a rubber band effect - when you win a few the enemies get harder, and vice versa. In this way, it’s very common to have 50:50 score rate :slight_smile::+1:


Exactly the plan I use for my alliance. Have yet To find anything better to do. The only suggestions I could make would be, let you lower level players use what best for them, ice tank may not be it. Try to stick a Kash in the Corner (wing), especially during Field Aids, of your lower teams. It’s normally good for wasting an extra flag or 2.
Most of all keep them into it. Make it exciting for them. Assign jobs to the lower teams after they take out the lower levels, like tank buster, or wing crusher. I’ve found they really like to feel they are helping but tend to look at their score and think they suck. Help make them realize that if they didn’t use all their flags, you wouldn’t have won by 9 points (sometimes less)

Anyway, Good Luck and at least this was a free bump for your post :wink:
I’m positive you’ll get much better advice shortly


Milk your opponents smaller teams for points early on, preferably by letting your smaller members who can one shot them, kill them,let them respawn, rinse and repeat.
A 50/50 record isn’t bad, especially for a mid level alliance, congratulations.

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Seems as if all of us mid level alliances have the same “yo mama” plan :joy:

Lowest TP on our alliance take out anything under 3kTP at war start, 6 hours wait, respawn, kill them again. 8 hour wait respawn and repeat above. Then around the 8 hour mark after that we are all in, this pst war we flipped out Russian team twice and almost had the 3rd, but left 6 flags on the field compared to their 36. I was still pretty pissed but kept it calm and once again explained the importance of getting in the habit of using ALL the ■■■■ flags.

It take awhile for the new members to realize that they can take that 4/5* tank out with mono food. Once they learn, and mine have. They things they can do with 2/3* hero is absolutely amazing. Many will be beasts when they build their 4/5* rosters.

The poor opponents appeared to be killing us halfway through the war, 1800-700. There was a mad scramble at the end when one of them stoped by and saw we had 4161-1900. They managed to get it up to 2268 when I believe they gave up? With 36 flags? I would probably have cleaned house. Not using THAT many flags is the ultimate NOPE. But I’ll contentedly rag on them for those 6 remaining flags :wink:


@Zathrus, I don’t know if you will find anything of use in here. Sounds like you’ve already adopted this strategy but it may help to post it in your alliance so THEY understand the what and why.

Yo Momma’s Alliance War Guide + Team Planner

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In addition to the great advice given here (especially from @PapaHeavy) I’ll reiterate and add a couple things.

My alliance is a little higher than your - almost to the 80k mark - so some of these points are things to work towards. Others can be used now.

  1. Find a tank color that works best for YOUR alliance. Don’t go blue (for example) just because that’s the color generally agreed upon for small to mid range alliances.
  2. Don’t have everyone run that color if they’re not ready for it. They need to be actively leveling their ‘forever’ tank, but only put it in once it’s strong enough. So, they shouldn’t be using a Toril just to have a blue tank (Yep, I’ve seen that happen. It was ugly for our opponents).
  3. Healing wars ONLY - Put your healers in the corners. I know It seems against his special to put Kash in the corner (for example), but it will help you. Most attackers take out the tank, then flank, then wings/corners. In healing wars, by the time they get to the corners the healing effect is sped up. Add the natural healing from the healers and you can eat through your opponents flags.
  4. Teach them patience if you haven’t already. There’s no rush to use flags. From your post it appears you’re doing well in this and flag usage, though.
  5. Unleveled heroes can do great things. If they don’t have enough leveled heroes for a team, throw a stack of unleveled heroes together. With a decent board they can make some points.
  6. Once tanks are done, coordinate the flanks. (Note: For healing rounds we’ve found healers in the corners are more useful than coordinated flanks). I love facing alliance that focus only on the tank color. That means I can always find a target to use my blue stack on (example) even if the tank color is yellow. But if our opponents run a yellow tank with purple and green flanks, that cuts out finding an easy opponent for my blue stack. This is likely too advanced for some of your players as they’re focusing on tanks right now, but even getting part of your alliance working in this is helpful.

I wish we were getting opponents that our lowest teams could one shot — but we’ll have a low of 24 or 25 and their low will be 30. This last war we were completely blown out and they had a single team under 3k (by 40 points), two in the 32s, and the rest were 36+. About a third of our team is under 36.

The usual way we win is the other side leaves 20+ flags unused. But even then it’s nowhere close to the blowout that PapaHeavy had.

We do let lower teams do one shots first. Typically the 38+ teams don’t even use a flag until it’s open season.

We chose blue tanks because the majority could work with it. Maybe it’s time to check that again. We haven’t done flank/wing coordination, and I suspect it’ll be difficult for most (I only now could think about it). But moving healers into the corner (if they weren’t already) is a great point!

One thing I’ve realized reading this is that for field aid we should use the low teams to punch holes early, rather than try to clean up. They just don’t have the power to kill a high health 4* or 5* with aid firing every 3 rounds. Taking out the tank would be more useful.

And the war planner is probably the only one I haven’t read. Will take a look.

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I’ve seen this theory of using lower teams to tank bust and the bigger ones to clean up. I’ve always found this backwards.

Our alliance works like this (for opponents with some teams lower than 4k):

  1. Teams below 4k are off limits to our bigger hitters with 6 big teams. Our team mates with smaller teams get those.
  2. Since we rarely meet alliances with more than 3-4 teams under 4k, the small teams are often gone quickly. When that happens, the Mid-range players step in. They often use their smaller teams. These teams can often do a 1-shot, but if not that gives our smaller players something to hit.

So, how we operate is opposite of what I believe you’re saying. Our smaller teams don’t bust tanks, they’re there to do cleanup. We all cheer the 1-shots but we know they have our backs if we fail.

We normally face alliances where using the reset timer does not make sense. This last war there wasn’t a single opponent under 4k, for instance. For those wars it’s a controlled free for all. Even then, our bigger teams watch the board. If they see the board stagnating we’ll use a few flags. Most normally use our smallest or weak-color teams. That way our smaller teams can use their flags if we fail.


For most wars I absolutely agree with you, and that’s what we normally do. But field aid is punishing to low teams.

A concrete example — team in last war had 1 member left, a Rigard +15 at about half health. My daughter (our lowest member in war) tried to kill it with a all yellow team. Tiles didn’t align, and after the first field aid going off there was no chance. Her team of a couple of developed 3 stars and three undeveloped 3 stars had no chance. Zero points.

The other low player wasted 2 flags on it, getting 1 point. Was eventually killed by someone with a 32 main team (so probably a 2k team for this).

Take that same team against a full team and they will lose… but it’s not hard to get some points, maybe kill a tank.

For arrows or attack boost, still better off as cleanup. No question.

It really depends on the heroes as well yes, corner healers in FA are extremely difficult to kill (I’m assuming it was a corner healer). Not sure what heroes she took, but the best strategy for this is:

  1. Stack strong color (she did)
  2. Make sure the heroes are not all defensive heroes. There needs to mainly be attack or mana control heroes. A healer is also good if available.
  3. Ignore the healer healing. Use the open spaces to charge ALL your specials. Use them all on the same move. This is normally best on the move after the auto-heal effect.
  4. Corner healers in healing rounds are long-term games. Be patient and don’t hit him unless it’s with a collapse or with the strong color.

This will give you the best chance at a successful kill and can be done with smaller heroes.

Tanks are normally the hardest hero to kill as you don’t have a spot to ghost tiles. Have your bigger teams focus on tanks and corner healers. You smaller teams can mop up.


THIS @LadySuzanne, is what I have the hardest time instilling in my newer teams.

Ghost tiles. Avoid the healer as much as possible, charge ALL of your specials, “yes I know you want to hit them as soon as they are available but don’t unless that hero will die from the very next slash attack” when they are all charged use any D down heros 1st and then kill that corner hiding healer.

Also teaching them that if they have a bad starting board to dump tiles into the healer tank. He’s not going to extra heal the others. Use him to move the board into a move favorable position.

I love it, the core I have now listens and learns. What they do with 2/3* hero’s tells me the will likely beast with 4/5* hero’s.

You have given great advice which I copied and pasted in my Line chat group. Just so they don’t think I’m a crazy old man…ok it’s too late for that but at least you verified what I’ve been preaching. So I’m only crazy SOME of the time :wink:


We don’t always @Zathrus, but my lower teams have listened and learned. So they can easily take 3500TP’s and we have enough newer players that a little cleanup isn’t a problem.
We stick to the plan, the biggest stumbling block is getting those lower teams taken out ASAP. But we’ve been working on it. Since we have players from all different time zones this accommodates them also, 6 hour respawn from war start, 8 hour respawn and then we go all in anywhere in the next 10 hours. So no one is left out, and everyone is around at some point to contribute.

Excellent advice! For anyone reading this and fighting higher level teams, Guin falls within the healer group . While she will remove some mana, you won’t be charging their hitters.

My plight is just as hopeless. At least they fixed the autocorrect and I can go back to pretending I know how to type… :rofl:

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Ahhh now that is truly a marvelous thing @LadySuzanne!!! We are now completely legible, literate adults!!!

It’s sooooo much easier to fool them with spellcheck helping me out!!! :wink:

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We use an entirely different strategy as most of us work so we cant time the respawn trick that other alliances use.

We use a strategy where all of our top tier players use there first attacks on the highest team they think they can take down. This allows our lower guys to be ready for clean ups if any of them fail and we repeat this strategy until we flip the board. We average three flips per war but hoping to get that a little higher when our lower guys move up a little bit.

We dont allow anyone to attack the same team twice until towards the end of round 2 if that will net them the most points per their last team. Knowing our teamates will clean up hits takes the pressure off our players allowing people to discuss their wins and losses with the group. When one of your 2700 guys cleans up a 4300 team and gets 58 points on a clean up, that’s fantastic. We have a nice win percentage because people using the other strategy try to take out our high teams at the end with their final teams and its rough. 3 of or last 5 wars have some down to less than 20 points for the victory. Matches that close are some of the best bond builders for your alliance.


It kinda works that way with the respawn timer as well @DoctorStrange.
They lower TP’s have flags left and join in the clean up with the mid tier crew. It’s 100% a team effort and I’m exceptionally proud of my alliance. They don’t give up, couldn’t care what the score board reads and know how to stack…and take out a Kash in the Corner :wink:

All in all no matter what method you use it’s important that the new, lower level teams understand that they are contributing.

In the past I’ve had many a new team opt out of wars only to find out they thought they were letting the team down. A couple of single digit wins helped ease their minds tremendously

P.S I’d also like to suggest a rather unconventional method that may help you get the best out of your alliance.
There are a few of us with deep rosters and strong teams, I began to suspect that many in our alliance had become complacent and were just depending on us to pull them out of the fire, take out all the tougher D’s and carry them through.

So we sandbagged a few wars, we’d take out a tank, and a flank, here and there but overall were terrible. After a few wars of us seemingly to have lost all ability the rest of the team stepped up and became a much better, tight knit group.

It may not work for all but if you feel like your alliance is just phoning in the hits, you know
Captaincaveman 36pts, 22pts, 0pts, 3pts, 69pts (musta got lucky), 1pt. Give it a try


My alliance doesn’t use line or discord. Half of us don’t use the in-game chat. Those that do had a discussion and agreed on red tanks but we are not consistent in that either. We are all over the map, both literally in location and figuratively in team power. We all attack when we can (for me on weekday war it’s all six flags in the evening – around 0100 GMT Thursday). I hit the six strongest teams available. Sometimes I go 6-6, sometimes 0-6. Typically I’m around 4-6.

Sometimes there aren’t six teams left and I’m left with weaker teams for the flip.

Yet somehow we still are around 50/50.

@LadySuzanne: 80k war score is not a little higher but a lot higher.

I played the last 5-6 months in an alliance with 60k~65k war score. We did NOT play the “farm the weak” strategy. We were quite successfull winning a bit more than loosing. I did not track it though I would say 3 wins out of 5 wars.
Usually we had 25~27 people participating in wars. Teams ranging from 3100 over 3600 up to 4300. Though the majority of our players were around 4000 and above.

So in my oppinion the “farm the weak” strategy is not really neccessary. I would emphasize on other things which are important and helpful for winning:

  • use alle flags
  • have some shark defensive teams…we had about 5 teams with around 4300 tp with really effective defensive heroes which some opponents had trouble killing a second or third time
  • attack together…so attacking alone is stupid, see that you are at least 3 persons to help each other out…make an appointment via chat/line if possible…we had a volountary war time on sundays where 10~15 people were online at the same time…most of the time we were able to do 2 consecutive resets
  • cheer each other up…everyone gets bad boards and gets sad or angry…help each other with kind words
  • lower players need to log in more often to look if appropriate targets are available…inform them via line…dont waste their teams…nevertheless all flags need to ne used
  • higher players need to be fair and don’t attack small oponents…also let the cleanups for the weaker players and attack 6 different targets
  • appreciate everyones work…the cleanup guys tend to get more points than “tank busters” if their attack fails several times…again cheer each other up

I forgot:

  • talk to each other…tell what colors you have available (this becomes more obsolete if everybody got enough high leveled heroes) and ask the others which targets they want to attack.

So far.


@Vikingblood80 I was being polite. Not sure telling people ‘Hey, my alliance is a LOT bigger than yours’ is a good way to help them.

Also, if you read the rest of my statement you’ll see the reason I called out the alliance rating. Specifically, some of the suggestions I listed were for advanced wars. Implementing them now would hurt their alliance instead of help.

I will note that a 60-65k alliance is also a lot more advanced than the 50k of the OP. While the farm the weak strategy is not something your alliance uses, it is a viable strategy for weaker alliances. Possibly for the OPs 50k alliance…

Many of the suggestions here in this thread are based on the information given by the OP. The OP called out a wide range of time zones. It’s difficult to get players together that are spread across the world. Some are forced to hit solo. Not sure calling them stupid is best for this discussion…

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