Art of War - need some tactical advice

We need some budding Sun Tzus!

Is there any advice out there for war strategy?

Our middle-of-the-road alliance has 28 members from 3400 to newbies.

We chat, but don’t really co-ordinate much. Should we hit early or late? Hit the easy targets or the strongest opponents??

I know there’s lots of frustration about the match system but there’s already a lot of threads about that, so please share advice and experience rather than venting at the Devs.

Thanks for your help.

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Kill the weakest teams often. You should be able to kill them at least 3 times in a war. If you can revive the whole enemy team (you need to wipe them out), that might give an extra hit to the weakest of enemy teams.

Coordinate better if you want to win. 1 weak but focused attack + medium attack can kill a full team. 3 uncoordinated medium attacks may fail to kill a full team.

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We have an international alliance so we use our time zones to our best advantage. The Wed. war starts at 3am here on the west coast of Canada. While we in North America are sleeping, our European and New Zealand players are fighting. They use their weaker teams to take out all of the the opponents weaker teams so the timers can be reset. By the time we here in NA are waking up, the weaker teams have revived and we can hit them again.

Our strongest teams make their own decisions on who to target. Our middle and weaker teams then strategize on the other targets, and wait for scraps. I have no life so it’s my job to study the board and let the players know who to attack. I’m familiar with their teams so I am able to make suggestions that best suit their abilities, They are free to disagree of of course if they find another target they like better.

Near the end of the war when a lot of our players are playing with weak teams we tag team. Often there will be 3 or 4 of us on a target and we take turns alphabetically. We don’t know who will end up with the kill shot.

Our secret weapon is those timers. We are very patient and wait for targets we like. We don’t rush in and don’t do a suicide mission, until the last hour of the game. Since the update we rarely win due to overly strong opponents, but we all fight, almost everyone chats, and we have a lot of fun, especially trying to remember the alphabet,

  • Attack as early as possible to makes foes recharge faster, if you’ll go for a clear then keep one of your best teams to do so.
  • Use heroes smartly and plan ahead what will you attack next
    • Killing directly is better than losing to have deployed a weak team.
  • The weaker attack first, attacking weaker ones
  • The stronger start attacking strong ones.
    • Once the weaker members had their flag consumed the stronger members, tiping their spare heroes to decide next moves, have to kill foes who’ll give maximum points on one attack.
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These are some really great advice!

I would add few not mentioned before:

don’f forget to

  • flee if opponent’s healers will use their mana, and you’re almost done with your heroes anyway.
  • have fun
  • check if you have good troops selected when setting def team
  • it’s TEAM effort, don’t aim for highest score for yourself, strategize to use flags well and collect those points together
  • participate - every used flag counts

and few to keep in mind

  • don’t worry
  • coordinate and announce the attacks - say when you’re done with someone, so your teammate can jump in and finish
  • if you can break tanks, do, leave clean up for people with weaker roster - and best is if you can say ‘I can break one red tank, is there some wish which one’ so people who have strong flank colors can chime in and say, and that leads to next one:
  • it makes no sense to destroy tank if no one is capable of finishing the rest of them

And try to avoid leaving healer traps. We always warn our newer players to look at the opponent first. Don’t just attack because you see a single hero remaining. A fully leveled Kashrek is a team destroyer.

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