War matchmaking, number of players – different number of players from each alliance

Sorry if this has been mentioned in a topic before, but I couldn’t find anything.

Our alliance has 14 members, and now we have been matched with an alliance with 18, of whom only 3 have opted out, so in the battlefield they have 15 members and we only 14, meaning they have 6 flags more than we do.

I’ve been playing for almost 2 years, so all the time the wars have been going on, and never have I come across something like this before. I thought the amount of players participating in alliances facing each other in wars is always the same.

We did have a member leave sometime yesterday, and I’m not sure if the matchmaking was going on then. One member also opted out but I’m sure she did so before the matchmaking.

Is this the way the matchmaking works, I’ve just never encountered it before?

The matchmaking try to pair alliances with the same strength and number but when the second parameter fails there could be up to 2 members’ difference, always pairing alliances with the same strength.


Where can I find the rule?

Here :slight_smile:

But ther is only " * Player count of the alliance". I can not find an info that there can be a difference in the numbers of players

You would have to search the forums for the place where this was talked about. Basically they said that when one team has opted in members than the other, there is a penalty applied to the with more so that they will typically be matched with a stronger alliance. The more members difference, the more the penalty. In theory the math would make it so matches with more than a 3 player difference wouldn’t happen.

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Here you go, all straight from the CTO:


I know that the thread could be hard to find and it is long to read but in the changelog there were a link to it.

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Thank you very much for the clarification


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