AW matchmaking ... Wwwhaaatt?

Hi, this maybe a silly question, but how is it that our very small new alliance(6 members) gets matched with opponents that are 14 members more than we are ?? ,clearly we are outmatched, so am I correct in thinking there will be only 6 of our opponents on the battlefield ?? And how is that fair to our opponents as well … Any answers??![Screenshot_20190913-132918|230x500](upload://jVZ3nB7ZXTEMHcDeEKN0J7bgkd



It will be 6 vs 6. Alliance size doesn’t matter, how many are opted in does. Best of luck.

edit 6 vs 6 “IF” all of your alliance is opted in. or 5v5 etc etc


@Nash, hi and thank you, that’s kind of what I thought, and we will need all the luck we can get lol, thanks again

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@Shanta22 you should be fairly well matched. The war matching is based on only those who are opted in, so you should be good :relaxed:

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Opted in…or the opposing alliance is carrying many dead teammates. You can tab on opposing alliance and check each individual. Many have left the game, but the team remains.

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@Bud is correct… that alliance only has 7 members that are eligible for war. Most of them are dormant. Even their leader has been gone 9 days :astonished:

Take a look at all players that have been active within the last 6 days. Anyone dormant longer than that will not be in the war as they will have missed 2 wars and activated the auto-removal for missing 2 consecutive wars.

Since there’s 7 active and your alliance has 6, 1 is likely opted out. But this will give you a decent idea of what size teams you could be facing.

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