Alliance war score and matching insight needed

Hello, we are a fairly new Alliance, we have a small few mid and majority of low level teams: 20 total.
We have run into a problem in Alliance Wars: We are getting crushed by the competition as you can see in the photos yet our warscore is higher than theirs. We used all but about 14 Flags the enemy used all but ten Flags but in reality the war was over very early, as their top teams all way overpowered ours, and they had more power overall. This is the second war in a row to have this happen we don’t know what is going, on does anyone have any insight they can offer?


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@Rook. You have the best cut-and-paste war score answer I’ve seen.

We can definitely explain how the matchmaking algorithm works. But I get the feeling that’s not your question.

My sense, based on people who have raised the most complaints over the past couple of months, is that the matchmaking algorithm struggles with smaller alliances, and that size imbalances (like your 17 vs 20) can make that worse. There’s a penalty factor in the matchmaking algorithm that is supposed to mitigate size imbalance, but it’s not clear (to me at least) how well it really works.

Also, the matchmaking algorithm has no way of knowing who will use all their flags. So if the alliances you’ve been fighting haven’t used many flags for the past few wars, and suddenly they start using more flags, they’ll be significantly stronger than the “past performance” portion of the war score indicates.

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