Matching teams for War – do alliance members who aren’t opted in for War count?

Is the war matchmaking based on an alliances total membership or just on the few that opt for wars?

Only those that are opted in for War.


Sorry if this has been stated already if so feel free to merge it @Kerridoc.
In war if someone pots out does that drop our alliance war score? I don’t want to ask ppl to opt out if it only means that the rest of us are worth more and there is no benefit from them opting out. Thanks

If you mean, if player x opts out before matching, are their heroes counted in the war score used for matching the answer is no. Only the players opted in are counted for war score.

This makes me think you might mean the score for being defeated in war. The total number of points (I think 1500) is divided among the opted in members based on their health. So asking a player not to play will not change the total available points an enemy can earn, but it will concentrate it to fewer players.


Thanks you answered my question.

This is clearly a common question — enough so that it was coincidentally asked 5 hours ago too:

I’ve changed the title of both threads to make it easier to find them in the future.

@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Though this question is answered in more depth elsewhere in the broader-topic matchmaking threads, I suggest just merging these two so the info for this simple question is easy to find, and both can serve as search entry points for the answer. :slight_smile:

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@Rook Ruh roh, I think those merged into the wrong thread? I think we were heading to Matching teams for War – do alliance members who aren’t opted in for War count?

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Hi I feel that my alliance has been heavily mismatched in war. In our last 6 or 7 wars we have been up against much stronger players and have stood absolutely no chance of beating our opponents. Please could you look into this as we are getting very discouraged by having our backsides handed to us all the time.
Thank you for your time.

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@Kayo is a player just like most everyone here. He can’t look into this for you. If you feel it is a program issue you should open a support ticket to get help from the developers. Otherwise, search for one of the myriad Alliance War Mismatch threads.

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Thankyou for the info

Also, watching some youtube videos on war strategy never goes astray.

I had the same question. My alliance had 3 out of 10 members with a team over 4000. We keep being matched with teams that all but one or two have teams 4400 plus. Not fun anymore.

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