War jumpers

Hi everybody,
It’s such a delight to receive a new member into the alliance…
We had a level 52 join us, sweet as pie did chat on the first day of joining, hit our Titans, opted into war, right before war could start, I woke up to this message “I am depressed I can’t play, is it okay to leave my war flags you all are awesome” & she leaves before anyone could say anything.
2 of us tried reaching out to this person been blocked on line. She left our line group.
Is there anything that SG could do in regards to being locked into war in future. We feel war sabotaged. we are down 6 flags we all really love War it is a big part of this game for us being war sabotaged is really frustrating and a big downer for the team. :heart:

We are an alliance that loves to win we believe in teamwork & all flags being used.
Right before war match making , I usually put this up in our featured message if you won’t beable to use 6 flags please opt out we like to see 0 flags remaining at the end of war.

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there seems to be more and more people like this join ing the game. recruiting the right people is literally harder than pulling a 5 star it seems cough…cough…

Just take it as a lesson learned and move on, this happens more frequent than not and at least they had the decency to say something rather than just leave with no comment at all, which is normally how thay goes. sorry that happened to you guys, I’m sure many others have been through the same thing, but with opt out added its literally poor attitude or lack of understanding when to opt out to not hurt the team that’s the reason issue. nk matter what SG does they crappy players will come with the territory. if more of a FTP issue than an SG issue.

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Hi Doc

Thank you for your reply

I know that it is an issue of the “self” the person that hurts alliances… we won’t know that they are one of those people until they actually leave 6 flags on the field.
I feel like there should be some safety feature built on the game where such people won’t be able to join alliances after war ditching or locking in accounts until the end of war…I also feel like it’s a cycle they will continue to join alliances to hurt them. It isn’t fair.



Even if you lock them until the war is over there is non guarantee they will use the war flags, so in the end it might be the same result. My suggestion is to simply move on, fortunately these episodes are not so common


Hi Artifix

Locking in people, will definaltely show that there is some sort of control.
A war jumper wouldn’t exist.


I don’t see any benefit for the “jumper” other then make fun of you.

You can’t know before pairing which gonna be your opponent, and you can’t join after the opponent is already decided.

TL;DR: that’s kind of stupid.

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Maybe not a jumper, but mean people will continue to be a nuisance. Look it this way: it’s their loss to not have stayed in your amazing ally :blush:


Hey Elpis

Are you saying that my opinion is stupid?
what “we” my team & I have experienced is stupid? What others on this game are experiencing is stupid?

Pairing has nothing to do with my topic.
I speak for myself & others on this game that are targeted by people that join your alliance to leave at the start of war, 6 flags left behind.

dont waste your breath on the “upper echelon” in the game." these same people say using emblems on 4 stars is not smart. Not everyone has deep pockets and some of us enjoy the camaraderie that comes with the game. That seems to get lost to people like him. he is like Clint Eastwood in grand torino,he means well but his approach could use some work.

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We had this happen. I suggested locking the alliance (via invite only and denying requests) once matchmaking starts. Once that has happened and the teams are decided you can let people in again.


Nope, i’m saying doing something like that (join an alliance and leave as soon as war begin) is stupid.
No one benefit from that, if not your war opponent (which the “jumper” can’t know before matchmaking is settled, so way after he join you)

All of you, (jumpers and joined alliance) lose something from it, so i don’t really understand why doing it.


Real life

Sorry you are frustrated.

Unfortunately this is s game and sometimes real life interrupts. Missing war can happen due to many reasons:

broken phone/ locked out of account
Sickness of family member, or self
Work emergency
Forgot before trip/ vacation
Problems with individual opt out

Opt out

The devs resisted adding an opt out for a long time because it causes customer service problems ( see notes).

Eventually they were forced to add an individual opt out due to their choice of matchmaking.

Since the individual opt out triggers after 2 missed wars, the Devs are unlikely to do anything about people missing 1 war, or even 50% of wars ( example missing all Wednesday wars ).


After matchmaking is done, if a teammate leaves the alliance, or is kicked, their defense team stays for the war.

The Devs are unlikely to do anything about a player missing 1 war.


Similar issues are often discussed ( see links below)

I want people who are unhappy to leave so other people can try out our alliance.

I want people who might be a good fit for our alliance to have no artificial barriers preventing them from popping in and checking out our alliance.


BoH had a problem with roving groups of Skunk mercs who deliberately messed up the game for alliances. Since Empires does not have a leaderboard / mission for wars, this is unlikely to be a systematic problem.

If you have good reasons to believe they are a troll. Take a screenshot and email it to yourself with the date and time. If they act like a troll in the future, you will have evidence for customer support. The Devs can not temporarily/ permanently ban a troll without proof.

I usually wait for 3 incidents to increase the likelihood of customer support taking me seriously.

Tracking trolls is one reason we are not allowed to change our account names.




(Control new player in Alliances - #4 by Gryphonknight)

(Prevent players from leaving an alliance immediately after joining - #15 by Gryphonknight)


Even if SG could or would do anything about it. They could NOT force that player to hit.

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Hi Rohn

I agree but that’s a different issue.
When that light goes green we can remind them to use flags.
People generally leave game social apps ,when they leave alliances…for the time being while on the war field + on gaming social apps would be able to communicate :slight_smile: or get a message through …

Yes but IF they was only being mean you could remind them ALL you wanted to, and it would be ALL for naught

Theoretically speaking , A non optimistic view then yeah possibility …but I look at situations with a different mind set.