War lost because someone was suspended

That would most definitely have been better all around. Or before the matchmaking occurred.

Unfortunately, this ended up a lose-lose situation. I am sorry it happened to you.


Unless that player remove at least one of defending heroes from his/her base before leaving the alliance. In which case, the base would be removed from battlefield due to incomplete defense.

But it is actually make it easier for the opponent to reset our base.


I would guess it depends on how the points are divided up. If the points of the removed team are redistributed to the rest of the team then yes. If they’re not and just removed along with the team then the opponent gets less points for rolling you. I’d have to give it more thought on where the advantage actually lies.

To remove a defending hero don’t you need to remove it from your roster once team is set?

Yes it is redistributed.



That sucks

see also

(War jumpers)


That was one person who misbehaved. Other members aren’t responsible for action of that person. Punishing people for something they didn’t do and couldn’t prevent is a terrible idea.

Aside from that, removing that player from battlefield would change nothing. Your opponent would still have 6 flags more to use.


removing his team wouldnt have helped you. he already screwed you by getting suspended - first, you got matched with a stronger alliance, second, he cant use his war flags.
if anything, his team staying on the battlefield actually helps you since it is one more team away from a flip, which makes weaker teams available for easy picking.

Rethinking this through and unfortunately neither option of removing or not removing the team would help your war effort. Not removing requires more opponent flags to flip you so it is actually the less punishing option.


As others have said, simply removing his team from the battlefield hurts you rather than helps you.

Alliance war is a team sport, and the actions of a teammate really do affect the rest of the team. Think about this like a soccer (football) match, where a player getting a red card means the rest of the team has to play a person down.

It sucks that the rest of the team suffers because of one person’s actions, but that’s just the nature of team sports.


@grzechol and others, punishing everyone for the actions of an individual seems unfair.

When I read posts such as this, I’m reminded of being in a great alliance, not because it’s in the top whatever… but because everyone is active, considerate and helpful to each other for game advice.

I guess from my perspective, you check a candidate’s roster, talk with them, and monitor their game especially if they join.
Our alliance has a zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior so that was my outlook.

Alliance leaders and members had to have known about the suspended player’s game play, and character if he was in the alliance for more than a month.
So it’s harsh but I weigh the punishment for the alliance versus the deterrent message that SGG is sending to everyone who is considering inappropriate actions. Therefore agree with the decision.


I agree you, but let me tell you that our member that was suspended is a guy that was more than one year in our alliance. He doesn’t even know what he did to be suspended, and the answer from SG is that was because he altered the speeding clock of his device. He doesn’t know how that was possible and even if someone else did it.
Anyway, as I said before, it is his problem and he still keeps in conversation with SG to solved in someway. But it is not our problem as alliance, so we should not be affected or punished.

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Thank you for your answer. But I really don’t agree. I guess that you are imagine that our suspended is a bad guy doing bad things. But are playing together for more than a year and I know that he is not like that. Even he are in conversation with the support, because he doesn’t understand what happens and what he did.

When a professional football player is suspended for conduct, the rest of the team suffers. Same in E&P.


When a football player is suspended with a red card… is not more on the field. The rest of the players can still play and try to win the game.
In this game, he was like a boxing bags receiving all shot, with nothing else to do.
By the way. His suspension was by altering the speeding clock of this device, something that he doesn’t know how could be done. Therefore he is still in conversation with the SG

The AI played his defense just as well as it would have had your ally been around (which is to say ‘badly’ but that’s a different topic). What was lost was his offense—and fair point, the football team could bring in their second-string player, while you simply lost 6 flags.

FWIW I find the suspension bizarre. It hadn’t occurred to me that SGG would hard-code delays based on assumed clock speeds based on published data, but instead would have benchmarked each machine as configured. After all, people,play on PC-based emulators, and those PCs have a huge range of gear.


I had seen a video of this guy, made with new account and from a mobile device, where he can show to SG that the titan clock for the 1min 30 sec of time goes in strange way, very slowly, the seconds go up and down. And he doesn’t can control and understand why.
But as I told many times, it is his problem and it isn’t the matter of this topic.

I’m not imagining him any way at all. It doesn’t matter at all to the analysis if he’s an angel or a devil. I’m saying that actions by a single person resulting in suspension affect the whole team. That’s just how team sports work.

It really sucks when that happens. I’m sympathetic. But there’s nothing I can see that SG could have done to remedy the situation, given that they genuinely believe he deserved to be suspended.

Pulling his defense would have been worse for you, because your opponent would have been able to use their flags on fewer targets at higher points per target. A side is always worth around 1500 points, so dropping a defender just ups the value of everyone left on the side.

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I do not agree with the sport team comparison. Those have a very clear set of rules, is watched by an audience, there are warning cards before. In The game can suspend without prior knowledge and with no waarning. There might be a clear set of rules, but also there are bugs. In this case, for instance, if it is proved the fellow has no idea why his clock is mibehaving ( and I well believe it, for all devices I ever had will have so e odd behaviour occasionally). So ok, case is proven, he is re instated with an “oops, sorry”, no matter that other 29 persons feel they were unjustly treatened as well.

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We lost last 5 wars our aliance is very strong but we have to move on I guess.

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