Banning an Alliance Member

Unfortunately, this player is rather emotionally invested in being involved in this particular alliance and is also a wallet warrior, so money is no object where gratifying whims are concerned. (We do have a closed account.)

Question to those that know.

If you BLOCK them and then kick them, you wont see their request to join as they are blocked?

This way if all in the alliance who are elders and above block this member, his/her request to join will never been seen again by anyone that have the power to accept.


This particular player keeps changing names.

Even if they change names it will keep them blocked. If only one of you blocks them then you will know its them if the person who blocked can’t see the request.


Well, then I am afraid there is no way to keep him 100% out.

What keeps him coming? Other alliance members? Try to figure that out, and if neccesary get rid of a couple of members before there is top much pressure.
To be clear: get rid of, means, talk to them and ask them to leave for good :slight_smile:

One thing that may fix the problem is to change the alliance name after kicking this person out…

Change the name & they can’t find you anymore :slight_smile:


There really is no good answer. As a chat moderator/ forum moderator in another MMO, I have seen vulnerable players quit over this issue.

One option in any MMO is to keep screenshots of the disruptive behavior.

After every 3 incidents of disruptive behavior, send the latest screenshots to customer service.

Employees of SGG have many more tools to investigate, and prove, this type of behavior than players.

But they cannot investigate, prove, temporarily discipline, account ban, device ban with a complaint and depending on the disruption, user screenshots.

See also

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This is helpful feedback!

The situation seems to have stabilized and the member exited the alliance (for the time being, at least).

Your suggestions provide a good strategy to assume should this member decide to come back and not play well with others.



Your username is wonderful on translation (as far as i can tell anyway!)

This alliance member? Sounds totally crazy; be careful please?

Thanks, sft1965! The elders discussed it and we’re going to implement the documenting strategy should this member or an incarnation from this member return.

I’m curious, tho…what language are you translating into and what does my username translate as?

I think i’ll say no more about that. It just wouldn’t be appropriate. If coincidence is involved, it is charming.

Take care! :slightly_smiling_face:

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  1. Does the leader of your Alliance not have screenshots of the heroes of the Alliance members? The combination of characters can be compared to the uniqueness of fingerprints. Even if a bad person changes their name, they won’t be able to quickly change the main characters in their stable. )))
  2. I always have the phone numbers of my fighters to add them to a group in WhatsApp. If I expel someone for bad behavior, I don’t delete their data, but I make a note in my contacts that this person is unreliable. Then, when you accept a new fighter into the Alliance, when you add their contacts, I will immediately see that such a contact already exists, and everything will become clear.
    If you can change your nickname in the game, few people will change their phone number so that it is not recognized. ))))
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I hadn’t thought of getting screenshots of the line up. Definitely will be doing that moving forward!

Making members give leadership their personal phone number seems a bit extreme to me, and personally I would never do it.


Using a 3rd party chat app is brilliant because chat apps have better abuse controls.

But with cheap SIM cards, trolls will actually buy 20x to 40x phone numbers at once.


Click for notes

Line or Discord

SIM cards


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@voidstrike, you have no idea how relived I am to hear that. I was seriously concerned that buying pants would interfere with your summoning for Clarrisa.
I understand that pants may be important to some like others find ties or sports coats to be a necessity. Meanwhile some of us are enlightened enough to realize that pixels on your phone are much more important in the grand scheme of things.

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Sorry, that was rude of me. It was a two language thing as it happens and I didn’t really give it too much thought. So I saw the Lozt and read it as ‘lost’ and then wondered what the username meant and plugged it into the translator and it came up with German as the likely candidate and gave a translation: “stay close”. So it was: “Lost?”, “Stay close”. A question and answer in one word/name, I found that charming. I have no idea if you are a guy or a girl but I liked it!

Take care!

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Thanks for taking to the time to come back and reply! As an interpreter, I appreciate when a word play can cross linguistic boundaries, so thanks for elaborating. (I’m a girl, btw, and the name is a play on Lost in Austen–and I coined that before the very cheesy movie!–because I adore Brit lit.)


OMG: I must have been away with the fairies. I have no recollection of this. A million apologies!!

OMG: I must have been away with the fairies. I have no recollection of this. A million apologies!!

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