Prevent players from leaving an alliance immediately after joining

Making a minute or two really wouldn’t change anything. I’m one like those you mentioned. I do this when looking for a place to burn flags. I’ll join and then check out the titan. If I feel the titan and timing are good I’ll ask if the alliance minds me helping. Most alliances say yes, some never respond.
So what you’re seeing are mercs lookong for a titan to hit. Nothing nefarious that needs to be curtailed.


I love you @Talisax , let’s make some baby mercs.


I wasn’t talking about the mercs, I was talking about the player(s) that just annoy clans by very fast join-leave. And against that one-two minutes is enough.

That’s what he said.
That ‘very fast people’ are merely mercs that takes a look at the titan and the timer, and just leave soon after if it is not good for them.

He do it and i do it, and we both are mercs.

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I don’t think all ‘very fast people’ are mercs (even if most, hopefully, are).

I suppose tbey could also be looking for an alliance, but 1 minute seems fast to see if it would be a good fit.
What do you think they are doing if not mercing?

I’d rather not speculate for fear of being asked for proof, but if 1 minute doesn’t bother you and your new spouse :stuck_out_tongue: , then maybe it will help a bit. Alliances are changing from ‘open’ to ‘invitation required’ because of this.

I have no idea what they’re doing, but we had two different people join/leave repeatedly yesterday. I’m talking 10 times or so within a minute total time.

TBH, we just laughed it off. Must have been some serious ADD indecision.

I think the solution is what alliances are doing. If they dont want uninvited visitors, theybswitch to invite. Problem solved, no other change is necessary.
My alliance keeps cup levels high to prevent applications. So the tools are in place


Yes, and if things get too weird we’ll just change to invite. Not really seeing a reason to force membership for any length of time.

I don’t see it as much of a problem. I certainly wouldn’t want to move to the hassle of managing an invite-only alliance (at our level - only 6/7* Titans) to avoid having to read the occassional “Checker joined the alliance”… “Checker left the alliance”.

It’s not like it makes your eyes bleed or anything… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thinking on this, aside from mercs, folks might be looking for a new team, but looking for groups that are fighting a certain level of titan. Though I admit it is weird. I’ve been visiting an alliance, and folks are in and out before you can type ‘hi Checker!’

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Set your alliance to invite, there, I solved your problem

Quick check
–Titan way too high for them to get a B score
–Glancing at the alliance fellow roster- fellows level too high and too many trophies- so nothing to discuss. If I am talking about getting to 2000 trophies, a level 4 player could feel lost, bored and diminished. So they may avoid alliances with fellows having X trophies.

Longer check of alliance chat
–Family friendly for my kids to join?
–Too much misogyny in chat for my wife to join?
–50/ 50 female/ male fellows in alliance so chat relatively adult?
–Too much toilet/ ■■■/ rough humor in chat?
–Boring/ quiet/ off topic chat?

You can learn a lot about an alliance with a quick check. Especially if you have left several alliances because they were not a good fit for you.

Every F2P MMO I, or my wife, have every played has unofficial mercing that is eventually made official. Some just like the mercing life style, some have wandering feet, and others are just searching for HOME


You don’t need to join the alliance for your quick check.

If you want to see the titan and the chat you have to.

If you don’t know, even if you join after an alliance, you can see all the previous post, within… duh… 100 posts? Never count them, lol.

So you can see if they are active in chat and friendly.


I shouldn’t be surprised at this, but…::sigh:: Guess I’ve gotten lucky with the alliances I’ve been in.

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Don’t misunderstand me, there are a LOT of great alliances out there. The majority of them.

But my wife’s BFF, maid of honor at our wedding, rage quit Empires when it was first released because of the “fake gamer girl” crap the alliance chat was giving her.

Her disposable income makes her a “whale” in F2P terms and that income was lost to Devs while she missed out on a cool game.

When she found out my wife plays and is in a cool alliance she rejoined and already has Khagan, two Rigards, Perseus, Morgana, and some other cool heroes.

Mercing, its not just for titan hunting.

Guess here is another problem mentioned.
We have even a name for it in my alliance. We call such players “titan crashers”. They request several alliances to join, check if there is a nearly killed titan, get reward and leave after titan is dead to join the next alliance with an active titan.
Those palyers killing the game as they are not interested to be part of a team but only want to get the titan rewards! I personally think that this is the result of the poor availability of ascension materials!!!.
We often have request of players that restest several alliances at the same time. If you check the request after a few minutes the player already joined another alliance. That does not look for me that thay want to check whats up in the alliance…

Because they are burning flags. Usually if you dont get a response from an alliance in a minutenor so, ypu are not likely to get one for hours so why sit and wait, thus they move on.
They may get a few more rewards from titans (usually lower tier level since the titan is ususally smaller than their alliance gets and not as high in leaderboard since they didn’t use many flags) but they also don’t count towards titan chest unless they wait 12 hrs to collect titan loot

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