Control new player in Alliances

I get annoyed when someone request join and quit within the same day. I think it is offensive n none respectful. Games master should set feature if someone join an Alliance if quit within 7 days, will not be able to join any alliances for next 30days. Such will ensure players think carefully b4 joining or quitting for fun. Alliances should be dedicated players who work as team.

that’s a bad idea imo. There’s lots of alliances that dont fit one’s needs or it could be full of drama, etc


As frustrating as I find that (we did have someone do just that a few days ago to us) I do agree that it’s not a good idea.

Our alliance was probably not a good fit for the player who joined us and left. They may have been looking for something more casual. I’d rather let them leave, than have to constantly barrage them with “why did you miss the titan/war” messages :stuck_out_tongue:



Considering titans are the #1 source of 4* ascension items, and the only source of titan parts, you are basically saying they lose 1/12 of their yearly 4* ascension items and yearly titan parts.


I prefer that they leave immediately if we are not a good fit. Instead of taking up a slot another player could occupy.

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The only suggestion I would have here is to add a wait period, maybe 12 hours, before new members eligible for wars. That way you don’t end up with an ex-member in your war if they join just before matchmaking and leave just after.

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What if I just want to visit a friend between wars?!?

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Then you’ll just have to stay on their couch for a week @JonahTheBard Sorry, no backsies


I think I will test what happens when a member leaves an alliance

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