FORCED SPECTATOR MODE?: Exclusion from the war without the consent of the players

Ohhhh…I like that! Of course, now everyone will hit it when adjusting their defense teams :rofl:


Lol, I’d never thought of that :joy:

@Rook As was the case for a couple others above, our member excluded wasn’t a leader/co-leader.

Please post here every time it happens to you (and I would go ahead and report to Game Support directly), until it stops happening.

Maybe after the latest update is downloaded it will be solved. crosses fingers

I actually like the movement of the [settings] button and participation box. Much easier to click the settings and NOT accidentally click participation on/off.

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@Rook I talked with our alliance member (@Shonp) who was kicked out of wars. He stated that he was a regular member at that time and was promoted to Elder after.

If this is correct, that would discount the hypothesis that players with settings were accidentally hitting the participation box instead of the settings button. It would also remove the hypothesis that changing a player status (promoting) triggers a bug.

Sorry, no screenshot or other proof to back this up. In my world, if you don’t have the proof then it didn’t happen (:laughing:), but with other people complaining of the same thing it makes me think there is something else going on.

Thank-you for taking the time to collect the data!


This precisely matches our situation. The person excluded from the War in our alliance was a regular member. After the War had already begun, and he’d been excluded, he was promoted to Elder.

So I agree, it doesn’t seem to be related to being a leader/co-leader, and it doesn’t seem to be related to having promoted someone, since in both cases the promotion happened after the exclusion.

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Yeah, I was hypothesizing, since unknown bugs bug me!

I have very nearly clicked myself (a) out of the alliance in the members tab, and (b) out of war on the War tab, so it was a thought.

Please keep reporting to SG. We’ll get that pesky bug!

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Now our Leader is forced to be a spectator in the upcoming war… I was hoping there would be a solution here but alas, it does not appear so. Yes his check mark is there, Yes he is running the latest version… yes…

Although participation is active I cannot enter battlefield except as a spectator also.

If you are experiencing this bug, please report directly to SG:

Scroll to the bottom and click the link “Submit a Request”.

Hello, I wanted to see if anyone else is having this problem… in the past few months, then again for this war we have had players not included in war even though the box has been checked with ample time, their levels are way past 14 and theh have their defense teams set. Has anyone else experienced this?

Have they used war energy in the last two wars? Players using 0 war energy twice in a row are automatically deselected for the next war. This is in fact the reason Devs caved and added individual opt out AND this customer service issue is why the Devs resisted both individual and alliance opt out ( and why I never expect to see a titan skip, lock, etc. option).

Did they accidentally, or on purpose, use a defense team hero to level another hero. Defense teams with 1- 4 heroes are automatically excluded from war. Our new TeeBeeters often screw up their war defense team heroes and troops since they are still leveling 1* to 3* heroes and 1* to 2* troops. Also why Devs resisted adding Spectator Mode.

Did they accidentally leave, and come back after matching?

Did they reach level 12 after matching?

* Inactive players are automatically excluded from matchmaking. (Linky, linky)


The player is level 30 & wasn’t feeding any 4 & 5 stars to other heroes. They have been active in War. They did have to opt out the last 2 wars for medical reasons, but that shouldn’t penalize them, like being a part of the war & not using any flags.

Did they opt back in before matchmaking started?


Apparently, a player of my alliance had been forced to be in spectator mode last war. He told us he didn’t touch anything and he was in our war before.
I told him to submit a request to the support.
I post just to know if this is still happening in other alliances?

Hmm, I’m not sure — I think contacting Support was the right decision. I’m glad you suggested that. :slight_smile:


Yep, I don’t know if he did it but he is back on the battlefield :slightly_smiling_face:
I will ask him and let you know if he got an answer :wink:


Glad to hear it, and thanks for the update!

Solved, his son had eaten one of the heroes in his war defense, so his defense didn’t have 5 heroes and he was excluded… No more Wu-Kong, he was doubling desolate.

Rule 1 : don’t let your children or anyone play your E&P game. I have seen so much problem because of this :grin:


Thanks for the update!

Bummer that that’s the cause, but glad you figured it out.

And good PSA…I’ve seen several threads where someone’s child fed away heroes. :confounded:

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