War - Defense set up vs Attack set up

I’ve been using the same set up for both my first attack team and my defense but I see a lot of people have two different set ups. Is there a difference?
My normal set up is tank/healer - Boldtusk, flanks - Vela & Horghall, wings/snipers - Poseidon & Sartana

I would start leveling up some 4* heroes for more variety at a lower cost and less time to max their stats

But yes in general players use a static team for defense then change their offense team based on the scenario and the opponent

Typically color stacking, especially on titans

Rainbow can get you by until have the variety to succesfully stack colors in other areas of the game though

I was told about the 4* in the ascension thread.

Obviously in war you use a different attack team each round. I use my first team as the defense team.

I don’t see any better options than what you’re currently using

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