Set Attack War Teams?

I’m interested in what everyone thinks: given the fact that war defense teams commonly run the same color tanks (and sometimes even the same color set up overall), do you think there is greater benefit in building set war attack teams with tested synergies or building teams as you go based on the particular teams you’re facing for each flag?

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No, it’s too situational.

You try to counter the deadliest threat or take down the tank or stack different against different defs.

There are cool synergies between 2 or 3 that you know about, but a preset of teams wouldn’t fit.

If you have cool teams for beating events or rare queste, you can take them from time to time if the opponent could be beaten by them.

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I usually do 3 and 3. I have 3 preset teams I run every war and build 3 other teams during war based on the opponent. It’s more about personal preference and what someone is comfortable with. I generally run 3/2 attacks, so I have trios and pairs that i normally rely on and put them together dependent on the opponents line up. I know lots of players that always use 6 preset teams tho.

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In my honest opinion the answer would be no. I can’t see there being much benefit in building set war teams. You can agree 2 or 3 heroes in advance with great synergies but that would be about it. It’s far better to build an attack team focusing on the specific war defence team you are about to hit.

I do it the other way round most of the time. I have my teams with great synergies - a mono red, 2 or 3 blue-purple and 2 green-yellow.
Might change a bit in the near future, when I’ve maxed my second set of 5* heroes - but after all I am one of the strongest players in our alliance, so I have to go after the 4k+ teams and then I look for fitting opponents for my teams. 2 greens without Vela: red stack. Blue tank, but more reds or yellow: blue-purple stack. More blue or purple: green-yellow.

Of course the stacks vary a bit dependend on the defense, for example, I’ll take Sonya instead of Triton, if there’s a riposte hero, take Melendor or Caedmon against an Aegir and something like that, but the teams in terms of colors are roughly set for me. And the blue-purple stacks almost always have Kiril and Rigard in, as well as the one green-yellow has Hansel and the other Gretel.

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Some mixed reviews it looks like. I, like @Srob , have 3 set teams and 3 that I tailor depending on the defense. I think once my bench is more developed I’ll be more comfortable mixing and matching for each flag but it seems like I panic at the thought of straying away from my 3 battle tested teams. Was just wondering how common it is, there is comfort and confidence in the familiar I guess.

I think the best advice is to build teams you know will work and win .If you only can built three solid teams then go three clean ups. You get more for clean up then tank busting ( failed one shot). Keep in mind “family bonuses” for building teams as well. AW is all about your hero selection and opponent you choose to attack. If your realistic and clear the team with all 6 flags you have done well for your alliance ( doesn’t matter if it’s six clean ups). The smart player will figure out what hero’s they need to work on to make that happen for future wars.

My teams are for the most part set teams that can handle all varieties of defenses … there are a few I replace one or 2 heroes in depending on color of tank and a few I know not to attack certain tanks with, but… if you have builds that have plenty of versatility, no reason you can’t have set teams, I’d assume most mono attacks are pretty set … I personally 3/2, but I’d guess the further away from stacks you get (2-1-1-1 or rainbow), the more you’ll have to adjust your teams for defenses but not certain on that as a good team is a good team.

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I have 6 set war teams because I know that those teams work well together. Some people like to go in and spontaneously use their hero’s, but that has never been as successful for me because I end up using my best heroes first, then I scramble when it’s time to use my last two flags.

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