Best defensive setup

What do you think is the best defensive setup?
Rainbow team, 3-2, mono, 1-4 or a tank with 2 flanks of a strong colour against his weakness?

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Rainbow team is the best for defensive setup, rest all are suited for attacking teams. :slight_smile:

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It really depends on what you are using it for and trying to achieve? Raids, you are better off without defending with your best team whereas with Alliance War, you are a mug if you don’t use your absolute best possible defense (if you are a sardine, not a whale). Your best static AI controlled defence team may well not be your best offensive attack team due to reasons… I know mine isn’t; my best static defense team leads my best attack team by over 300 points. My defense is a 2,1,1,1 with flanks the opposite colour of the tank and two high hit point rears or wings for AW; for raids it is a rainbow.

Based on available heroes and syncing of the heroes.

Color does not matter as much.

In my honest opinion, I would go with a Rainbow defence team over any other combination

Rainbow is generally best, however if you have specialty heroes like Gravemaker and Zeline you could go 2-1-1-1. Using a blue tank like Aegir, flanked by grave and Zeline makes color stacking awkward for opponent. It gets even uglier for them if you have a second green like Alberich or mother north. What are they gonna do, attack you with red? Attack you with green? Attack you with blue? It sucks. I think that’s the best type of defense team, where it’s annoying to even think of a team to attack with. That’s just a reroll and find somebody with a Guin tank or something, I have teams ready built for Guin.


I would attack that combo with mono red, wilbur as a must to overwrite aegir and that team is history. I had situations where aegir fired twice and i still won. Trick is to use tiles mostly on aegir.

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Sure. But mono red tile damage on Aegir won’t be very powerful :wink: that team will rely on getting lots of tiles and charging specials multiple times to win. Nothing wrong with that, but I think that’s the mark of a successful defense team. It will halt the opponent’s attack strategy and it will punish a slow start heavily. You could also attack that team with like Evelyn, Zeline, Lianna, kiril, Finley it something. Either way it can go great but it can go poorly. It depends on which side charges their mana faster. Odds are, the defense can charge faster.

I was thinking something like alby/richard/grazul/kingston/poseidon but I’m afraid having 2 greens could be a weakness