Advice needed on my team setup for war titans and def

just not to sure if the 5 teams are in the right order or if they need swapping around some thank you in advance for your replys😀

I would use Merlin Frida Scarlett Justice Rigard for your defense war

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You can add heroes to more than 1 team.

I have different teams set up for situations:

1st team, strong offensive with rotating slots:
Some staples, like Boldtusk, and another healer like Rigard.

2nd team: Defensive set up.

3rd team: Titan set up, involving Wu Kong, who you should level for the same purpose. Ranvir might take too long/ ost too much at the moment (maybe not)

4th team: Farming
Rainbow team to quickly take down famring levels. Multi hitters like Grimm, Skittleskull… then Wu Kong and Wilbur to spread tile damage.


Thankyou that helps me out abit more👍

Thank you working well so far😀

Thanks for the advice helps me out alot

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