War defense please help

We are currentlly playing with a yellow tank. I am not sure which line-up causes the most trouble.
Look at my 2 consinderations. I fluctuate between:

Prof. Lidenbrock - Wolfgang
Ariel - (c)krampus
Frigg - (c)kadilen

How would you set up?

Any other arrangement of the heroes is also welcome.

Thanks for your support

I would go for option B with Wolfgang, he is way better in the tank position than the prof.

option B, but will change gefjon with frigg. it’s ok with 2 green cause c.kad and frigg are the real deal

Put me on the board with B as well. However, the professor is a decent tank and will cause problems when teams are using their later flags on her.


I’d go Frigg-cKrampus-Wolfgang-cKad-Gef.

No need for Ariel on D.

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