War Defense--Flanking Telly: Grimm or Second Red 5*?

I’m still waiting on a blue 5* worth ascending. Isarnia’s my only one, and I like Grimm better. Grimm’s a weak link in my defense lineup, though. Telly’s my tank, and not having a strong blue next to her is not pretty. Here’s what I’ve got:

I’m considering trading Grimm out for Grazul. I love Grazul, but like I said, having no blue flanks on Telly is not pretty. Grimm’s job is to punish the red stacks, but I have a sneaky suspicion that they’re stacking reds against me anyway because Grimm’s so flimsy. If it helps y’all see what needs doing, most of the time I get attacked, the first shot leaves only my wing heroes left. That seems like a pattern now for some reason. What do y’all recommend? I also have Kiril, if you think he’s worth using without emblems in this case.

Or… If you want to play the mental game and put Grazul up front and Telly as flank to try & coax them into using the wrong color, I’ll enjoy hearing what you have to say about that.

If you put Grazul in your team you will lose punch and gain some sustain, but that setup will be vulnerable if the enemy can overcome the DoT from JF and Clarissa and get cleaned.

An option is bench Clarissa and put Lianna in.

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Think I should go Lianna/Grimm/Telly/JF/BY, keeping Grimm as that blue spike cushion between my greens?

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