Please help me build a solid war defense team, thanks!

Please help me build a solid war defense team, a green tank is mandatory. I feel a little bit lost so I will appreciate all your opinions. Thanks in advance!

Ok, so Brynhild is a decent tank.

So you then need a blue flank to weaken a red-stack attack.

That means Grimm. He’s squishy but Brynhild can help keep him alive.

Grimm should always be left flank to get in the def-fown early.

Normally the other flank would be red, but drake is particularly strong, so he can go right flank.

Next to him should be a purple right wing. C.Rigard fits the bill on field aid wars, but Domitia might be better for other buffs.

And then Alby for left wing to give you that dreaded Hail Mary resurrection.

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Thanks. This is exactly the team I’m planning to run for this time before I post here, except a dlifferent position of c.rigard and Drake. Before, I run Alberich-sonya(Boltusk)-Bryhild-C.domitia-drake. But I found it doesn’t work very well. So I would like to ask for help here to see if I can build a better team.

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