War defense need suggestions

Not sure which defense to use during war. We run yellow/purple.

Kunchen is better at left flank than right flank so his ailment can come into effect before hitter use their skill.

However that would make the left side composed of 2 healers, I have been wondering myself whether that is okay or not…


Mum Alice Ursl Ona Kun

or do you need a holy tank?

Yeah our team is running holy for war

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Yeah I’m not sure about placing both healers on the same side

Two healer are too much, in my opinion.
I would go with setup 2.

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In my honest opinion, I would run with 2nd team. Good luck

My vote as well.


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Which mean Kunchen emblems can go to Mother North.

Personal thought… Ursena and Kunch both discourage attackers to bring holy attackers as well as dark attackers.

I’d normally double stack the tank, but two of the strong colour in flank puts me off that… Urs + Kunch puts me off bringing holy either.

So my deck is then reduced to ice/fire/nature and coming in neutral - depending on how deep the decks you’re expecting to attack you, this could really play into your hands.

Having said that… Different war rules might vary that approach.

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