War defense advice needed


My locked in heroes are:

Dark: +19 Dapper although I am open to using regular Rigard too. My only 5* are Obakan and Quintus. We use a dark tank.

Holy: 4.5x Neith. Gazelle (3.70) not a def option and I have 1.1 Joon but would lack the mats. Neith has emblem priority. I have mats to max Gazelle.

Green: +7 Kingston.

My blue and red options:

Red: 3.70 JF, 2.xx Marj, and 1.1 Elena (not under consideration). 3 rings and 3 blades shy of being able to max JF and Marj. Proty hogs most wizard emblems and I have 615 free rogue emblems (more if I strip Scarlett)

Blue: +20 Grimm, 4.5x Richard (no emblem conflicts), 1.1 Misandra, Magni, Fenrir (emblem conflict with Kingston), 1.1 Vela (could prise emblems from Caed). Have mats to fully ascend one.

Kingston Vela Dapper JF Neith - Dot team with Kingston sniper and Neith support. Synergies seem meh and small (but workable) emblem conflicts.

Kingston Richard Dapper Neith Marj - Fairly standard but not very scary. Great for emblems.

Kingston ??? Rig/Dap Neith ???

Taking emblems into account, it seems like Richard and Marj would be the best option. I can then choose one of the blues to level for use in attack (one of the fighters or Vela). Please tell me if I would be making a terrible mistake by going this route.

I know that I will not have a devastating defense team, but I would like to produce the best team with what I have available. I have cut spending to a minimum so I don’t expect to see any superstars in the near (or distant) future. FWIW, I have enough tabards for two 5*.


Vela is a great flank and I would prioritize her over Richard. The speed alone makes her more worthwhile. Marjana is a great option, especially with emblems. They’ll both improve your defense more than the other options.

Kingston Neith Dapper Rigard Vela Marjana


Agreed, Vela is the better choice to use defensively. Richard makes a great tank, but doesn’t do all that well in other roles [in comparison].

Marjana is a solid choice for rings, and definitely more versatile than JF, so if that’s also where you’ve got spare emblems, I’d go her way. The JF + Vela combo on defense is pretty gnarly, but idk if it’s necessarily worth maxing Jean just for that - then again, I don’t value defense all that much. So idk, go with your gut on that one

But regardless of what you do, Neith must be flank as that’s the only spot she can even come close to shining in (too slow in the wings, so can’t really utilize the blind + mana cut to its fullest potential). So I’d probably do this:



Thank you for the replies. I just finished leveling Mire and started on Vela. Richard can wait–he does well enough for attacks at his current level.

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Agreed… She doesn’t bother me at all, ever, on a wing. At flank, if she gets going she’s irritating and that can be the difference.

Wings, where possible, should be fast snipers in my book. (There are few exceptions - Kage is one, should always flank not wing)

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