Advice to build my new war defense team

Hi all,

I had some lucky pulls recently, and this offers me some new possibilities. It’s to check again the my priorities.

My current war defense team is: Rigard+18 - White Rabbit - BK+5 - Kingston+6 - Seshat+6

My latest pulls are Ariel, Vela, Guin and LotL.

Here are my 5* heroes by color:

  • Red: BK+5 - unleveled: JF, Marjana, Elena, Azlar
  • Green: Kingston+6, Kadilen 3/70 - unleveled: LotL
  • Blue: Vela 3/70 - unleveled : Ariel
  • Dark: Seshat+6 - unleveled : Domitia, Grimble
  • Yellow: White Rabbit 4/80, Joon 3/70 - unleveled: Guin, Inari, Neith
  • many 4* heroes that I won’t list.

I don’t have many level 5* because it doesn’t make a long time that I had 6 of each AM to level my first batch of 5* heroes, and I was also focusing on some 4* to get more depth quickly.

Until yesterday, my plan was to simply replace Rigard by Ariel in my current team, and switching the positions -> what about Ariel as tank with BK on flank? that may be a bit Odd considering BK high defense but could be interesting?

But now that I can compose with Guin and LotL, there may be some interest of using multiple heroes from the Avalon family. 3 heroes would give a nice +10% crit chance (and 6% heal).

Not sure how LotL is rated in defense?

Otherwise, I think a good combo could be to have BK, Guin and Ariel in the center and completed by 2 fast snipers, like Kingston and Sheshat. So for example : Kingston - BK - Guin - Ariel - Seshat. Or even Seshat on Guin’s flank and Ariel on the wing?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Depends on which color your alliance runs at war.

Most of the time we run blue tanks and I got really good results with Seshat - BK - Ariel - Neith - Kingston but would highly recommend to replace Neith with Guin (didnt got her so far, ffs)

Your example Kingston - BK - Guin - Ariel - Seshat sounds good but I would switch Kingston with Seshat, so Seshat will be able to debuff before Kingston hits.

LotL dont fit in your def imo

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Thanks for taking the time to reply and help me :slight_smile:

As we are a mid-level alliance, we try to setup a common blue tank. But we have yet maybe only 50% of the teams running it and most of our highest level players don’t have a blue that can tank with the awesome roaster they have.

Is there a defense team type where LotL would fit?

If you want to use LotL I think Seshat - LotL - BK - Guin - Vela could work.
But if you have to use a blue tank in war I dont think LotL would be a good choice.
You got Ariel which can be used as tank. LotL needs to be on left or right flank but setting 2 healer next to eachother isnt the best idea.

Yeah I see. BTW, although we try to setup a common blue tank, I don’t see putting Ariel as a tank with BK and Guin also there.

Also, with your remark about 2 healers next to each other, then I would have the same problem with Guin and Ariel in the proposed setup.

Another possibility would be then to keep BK as a tank, flanked by Guin and Ariel. That could then make an interesting setup. I think there will be some testing needed at some point. I have absolutely no idea which setup is best.

You’re right, Ariel and Guin would have the same issue - my bad. :sweat_smile:

In the end, you have to test several setups.
Some setups I would try are:
Seshat - BK - Guin - Vela - Kingston
Seshat - Ariel - BK - White Rabbit - Kingston

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