Wanted Missions: Gold Cups decreased to Silver - decreased reward?

Hi, maybe this is a stupid question but I just got into Gold Cups raiding and I had my first Raid Wanted Mission.If I start doing that wanted mission in raids when I have 1200+ cups, but then after some or multiple I get knocked down to less than 1200 cups and I am now silver, does my Wanted Rewards change to silver too? Or will I continue to get the reward for Gold until the next one?

I ask because at one point I was attacked numerous times and got knocked from 1350, down to 1221, had I been attacked once or twice more, and I only needed 3 more kills to fill the Raid Chest for Gold, I would have been knocked down to Silver, so was wondering if I woul dhave got GOLD rewards or silver.

Your hero chest rewards are based on the arena you are in when you OPEN the chest. If you get knocked out of gold and do not climb back before opening the chest, you will get silver rewards.



Ok thanks.

Does this also include if I am already at 40/40 and THEN get back to Gold?
So, lets say I start off as Gold and get to 30 heroes killed, now I get dropped down to Silver. I continue as Silver and get those last 10 kills BUT I don’t “claim reward”, instead I do some more raids (that do not count towards the chest) and get back to Gold… Does that chest now change to Gold?

The rewards weren’t hat great anyway so I don’t mind but I am curious. I think I only noticed getting some extra Iron + Food.

All that matters is your tier when you click to open the chest. It doesn’t matter how long you take to fill the chest or how long you wait after you finish filling it.

The difference in rewards between levels is not big enough to justify waiting IMO. Fill the chest as quickly as you can and get on to the next chest!


Yeah, I agree. I was honestly disappointed so much haha.
Thanks for the fast responses, appreciated.

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