Raid Arenas


I haven’t really spent a lot effort yet on raids so far. Recently I was briefly bumped up into the Gold arena for a day. I started losing raids right away and dropped back to Silver arena. It seems I am still being raided by people in Gold arena? Is this a glitch or once you move to a higher arena does that open you up to attacks from that arena permanently? Thanks


It’s not a glitch. You’re open to attacks from people within a set number of cups; about 300 I think.

The arena just decides which loot tier you pull, when filling a chest of “Heroes” for wanted missions. It’s not involved in matching.


Remember to look in your watchtower. It shows which raids can be revenged. Finding an easy target without rerolling is great when your hero chest needs to be filled


@Sidhekin Thanks for the info. Was considering just letting my cups drop and start over again in Bronze arena. Soon as I posted this someone raided me times and bumped me right back to Gold arena :laughing:


Thanks @Bud. Planning who best to use for revenge on 1 tier Alberich and 2 tier Sartana. I have several maxed 3* heroes and a couple 3/60 4*. :thinking: