Wang Yuanji or the second Gullinbursti?

I have a Gullinbursti 75 +20

I have both at 20 emblems and rarely use Wang Yuanji. But she has her place and I’d probably ascend her

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Do you have another 3 Kingdoms hero or minion makers? Wang gets mana and hp whenever she gets a minion so she’ll charge faster than Gullinbursti with the right heroes around her

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I have Xiahou Dun of the Kingdom and Mielikki to create minions.

Xiahou Dun will work well with her put them together. If you have another minion maker in blue or yellow it could make a nice 3-2 or 3–1-1 team.

I have done second Gulli already and plan on doing Wang some time soonish :slight_smile:

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Gulli is great for tower events. The constant heal and hit all will get you great scores. Want his good too but if it was me I would get more value with a 2nd gulli

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I have Both maxed.

Although I use Gulli more if I had a 2nd one I wouldn’t level him up over Wang. Her minion cleanse is invaluable at times.

Once I had her levelled it wouldn’t stop me levelling a 2nd Gulli though. Who knows what Future events SG will come up with that only allow single uses of heroes or heros getting cursed out.

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Wang was very effective in this attack team for war, but she needed much help to get her at a speed where she’d be ready for fast fiend spawners.
Loki copied a minion-all (c.Santa or Kramp, one of the two).

She nailed her job though, rendered hannah and liz almost useless in this case.

I ascended her over a second Gulli and don’t regret it, as there are plenty of defenses with multiple fienders, which the pig is often too slow and ineffective against at regular speed.


Both good heroes, but Wang is better as a pure healer. The 625 boost at once is a true heal. Gulli does 400, and with costume 480 over time. If you are behind in a battle, Wang is much more likely to bail you out than Gulli. Gulli’s delayed attack is super useful though too. I like having both of them maxed and building my team as needed.

For me, my first priority for healers is to heal, so I end up using Wang more than Gulli, but your mileage may vary.

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I mean if we are talking wars/raids against top 100 defenses, I would bring neither Wang nor Gullinbursti, both are slow speed.
I personally use the sheep (fastest yellow 4 star healer). I am going to summon a D´Andre (9 tile charge with mana troop) in the CF2 portal (saved up pulls for that portal, because most of the 4 stars I don´t have are actually all piled into this portal), and then eventually use him as my go to yellow healer for PvP. Anything above 9 tiles has too big a chance to be dead before firing.
Wang is a specialist against fiends (mostly in 4 star world, where fiends are rather rare) and I would consider her for that purpose even in PvP, but I am not too confident that she can be a counter to all those fast fiends when she takes ages herself to charge. Of course we can only take the heroes we have and she´s not the worst of the options for sure. :slight_smile:

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