Pengi Team w/o Krampus

So clearly Pengi is made to synergize extremely well with Krampus. I managed to pull Pengi early but have not pulled Krampus (praying for a soul exchange appearance) In the meantime I’m trying to find a team for him because my blues are extremely lacking.

I have a very good team of:

Motega, BK, Leo C, Garnet, and Faline, and am thinking about pulling Motega and swapping Hanitra in for him and running a team of:

Motega, Pengi, Kiril C, D’eandre, and Drake C, but I’m not sure if that will be very useful.

Other hero’s I’m kicking around are a 2nd Motega to not break up my Red/Yellow team, Glenda (3/70), Frida, Grimm C, Frosth (3/70), or possibly incorporating Mist too. I have 23 Scopes so that’s not an issue but only 5 Darts. I also have one Blue 23 mana troop and a 17.

I feel like Pengi is way too good to not use, but just can figure out how to fit him in.

IMO if you do not have 2-3 minion makers in your team other than Pengi, he becomes an above average sniper only. He really becomes god tier when all of your team has minions. On offense I have been running Krampus - MN - Pengi - Freya - Frigg. Pengi obliterates teams to where I hardly have to worry about color stacking.

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I’d ascend Glenda. Her element link gives minions to all Blues, and if you have another HoTM from the same year, everyone gets minions regardless of color. And her special also increases the damage of Pengi if he’s next to her.

I’ve been using Frosth at 3-70. He’s fast as well so will charge at the same time as the penguin

Have you emblemed him and if so can you let me know what path you chose and why? I am thinking attack/health instead of my standard attack/defense I would usually use on my snipers to allow for beefier minions. I got lucky this Christmas and have all the 5* Christmas heroes and their costumes so plan in running him with a combination of those heroes.

Currently I’m using this team for maximised pengi attack:

Puss is new but will be finished soon. I really like the synergy between frosth and pengi. I guess inari could be switched with c.krampus.

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Pengi has three heroes you can use to synergize with extremely well. Froth, Freya and Bera all summon minions for all with the same mana speed and beefy minions. Krampus doesn’t hold a candle to that synergy. If you have a team with Mr. Pengi and at least two of the others, you can literally cake walk it (as long as the board isn’t completely trash).

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I don’t know why you think krampus is the perfect partner when you have the real deal in front of you.
Pengi and frosth synergize just really, really well. Same speed and color. With Krampus you would either have to hold the full pengi or charge him 2 times but than you would have to wait for krampus or fire krampus and risk loosing the minions in the mean time.

Probably one of my favorite combos at the moment with frosth.

Also Glenda can work fine either with another hotm from the family or mono blue team. Minions for all and pengi gets boosted, only small disadvantage comp
compared with frosth not the same speed, so maybe sometimes pengi is charged and Glenda not with no blue stones. But at least the difference is not as big as with Krampus.

Krampus with a lvl 23 mana troop fires in 9 tiles, so they would both fire in 3 matches. I’m liking Glenda for their cleanse, but I don’t have another 2020 HOTM that goes well with Glenda.

Right now I’m leaning towards Pengi, Frosth, Motega, Kiril c, and possibly Mist. Not sure on the other Yellow, but I can see where Motega would be lethal in this line up, Although I have been looking for a home for Seshat.

Sorry, no idea why I thought krampus is slow :see_no_evil:
Yeah at average he would be a good partner, same as Glenda.

But still frosth works fine enough for pengi

Motega works really well with Pengi. If you run Pengi, Frosth and Motega, you’ll usually have at least 10 minions when Pengi is ready to fire. That’s the way I’d go.

I’m currently running C Krampus, Morel, Pengi, Motega and Zuri and it works really well.

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I had a very bad time with Bera as tank and Pingu on wing, along with another X-mas member (I think it was MN). I imagine Freya will work great with him too, maybe even better because she also boosts damage of minions (though Bera on the other hand stacks another status effect on top of Pengi’s freeze). All X-mas members + Bera/Freya would go probably really bad.

Bringing two yellows to your defense with no purple creates an easy target. Rainbow is always the best if possible.

Nope, you dont need to build the whole team around him because if you do and the AI decides “ok lets focus all specials on the penguin” then your day is ruined. My Pengi team is C. Kiril, Vela, Glenda, Pengi, Gazelle. If i can fire the specials its almost over for the enemy even without Gazelle’s buff. I will eventually replace Vela with my 2nd Pengi. So the God-tier synergy is Glenda flanked by 2 Pengis IMO.

All needed is fast(er) summoned minions right before Mr. Pengi steps in for solo.
So Anastasia shares the minion making speed supremacy of Motega, not costing a small fortune to chase after nor consuming your darts & highly demanded cleric emblems.
You can more easily afford to get her to+20 and 4/85.
You can even double dip on her.

Since pengi blue mono came to my team, I’ve had incredible attack power. Lord loki is doing a great job with frosth and milena as long as the board doesn’t suck or insist on being awful. Pengi strengthened not only attack but also defense.

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I run an attack team of Pengi, Freya, Bera, Morel, and Frida. Complete annihilation if the the board aligns right. Plus all the minions are a good “overheal” buffer to survive long enough. This is with Pengi only at 3^70 right now too.

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