Wang Yuanji or Gullinbursti or Griffin?

Who first? My 4* teams are still s1 heroes.
Dont have a 4* Yellow healer

I have had War Pig for about two years, Griffin for one, and have just finished leveling Wang Yuanji.

Griffin is nice, but the healers are awesome and would prioritize them. With the very little i know of your hero roster, I would say go with the one you have the most emblems for.


I’m less familiar with Wang Yuanji, but have the others maxed and emblemed.

You mention no yellow healer. Unless you play mono I wouldn’t stress that overly.

The pig is Great, but he is slow and I like to bring a second healer when using him. ( For heal in yellow I use my D’Andre most)

How are you for damage in yellow? I’d consider Griffin as he can be really punishing, but there’s not a bad choice really.

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all are awesome!

  1. Wang Yj awesome skill is take off all alliance fiends
  2. Gullinbursti is am awesome offensive heroes.
  3. Griffin not only 4* sniper, he can bypass Gargoyle heroes’ stoneskin

whatever your decision, 1st must be healer then Griffin


Since you are new player I would focus on Gullin first, he is amazing hero. Wang Yuanji is also great but you won’t encounter many fiends at your level. Griffin is solid but worse than golden pig.

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I would say Gulli>Griffin>Wang but it´s hard to say without seeing your roster.

It depends also on what part of the game you want to focus most. Are trying to build a general roster or certain teams, like attack/defense/event/titan teams?

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I have all 3, and the one I use the most is Wang. None of them are in my main Holy war team, but in maps, her overboost is great. I’ll have my heroes at 2000+, and sometimes 3000+ hp entering the boss wave.

I have all 3 maxed and I use Gullinbursti much more than the other 2 combined

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Actually as a more general piece of advice: Kind of what I wish I had done when I started, because I just upgraded whichever hero I thought was best at the time and ended up with a bunch of good heroes that were impossible to play together. For example a titan hero a defense hero 2 attackers and a hero mostly used for events. Sure you can put them into a team and use them for everything, but it isn´t really good at anything.

Events and Titans are most commonly played with 4-1 or mono teams, which is not going to happen any time soon, so ignore those (in terms of which heroes to upgrade, just play them with what you have) for the start and focus on PvP: Wars, tourneys, raids

First thing to do, because it is the fastest thing to accomplish: Look at your entire roster and build the best possible rainbow defense team. Those should be your first 5 heroes to upgrade.

Second thing: Build 2 attack teams 2-2-1 (using the first 5 heroes and add another rainbow, but now thinking of how they work well on attack together, something like if you chose a counterattacker for a tank add a healer in that colour, If you had a healer in one colour add a hitter etc.)

Third: Add another rainbow and put the 15 heroes into 3 teams: 3-2 and/or 3-1-1. For example add a sniper or a mana control hero to your counterattack/healer combo, then add a healer/mana control or healer/sniper combo in a second colour or two other colours etc.

With that you have already 3 hits for your wars covered (do cleans with whatever rabble you have lying around for the other flags) as well as a variety of teams/attack stacks to bring on raids depending on which defense you face.
You also have a 3 stack in at least 3 colours (if you are lucky or really good at planning all 5 colours) as a base for event and titan teams.

After this you can be more flexible with what you do: Maybe you got a new hero that is simply much better than one of the heroes you are currently using, so you may just want to replace that one, or you can start getting the odd titan hero (like Wu Kong, Def-down and EDD in as many colours as possible) or aim for a mono team that can be used for events (in 4 star that would ideally be red with a Guardian Falcon/Wilbur combo). Or you just try and build the other 3 war teams. Whatever you enjoy most doing.

In your case it should be much easier as you don´t start from zero, so you can probably skip some of those steps partly or entirely by using whatever you already have. Even 3 star heroes can act as placeholders, just don´t expect wonders from them when facing stronger enemies, they just don´t take hits as well or deal as much damage.

Have fun planning!


I’d have to disagree with focusing on PvP first.

In terms of loot, other than tournaments, PvP is less rewarding given the resources spent in ascending the heroes needed for it. Raid chests are random, Defense wins don’t give anything, and War chests take some time to fill and it’s highly dependent on your Alliance. I think it’s more a luxury of having a good roster for that purpose.

Maps, Rare Quests, Trials, Seasonal Events and Challenge/Tower Events give much more in terms of ascension materials, emblems, and even Epic Hero Tokens.

Though I do agree with you that in the end it all depends on what each player finds most interesting about the game :smiley:


skull(c) kiril(c) rigard(c) wu(c) gormek(c)
(C)Caed (c)bold (c)sonya (c)tiburtus (c)choa
(C)Li xiu (c)scarlett (c)melendor boril sabina
gretel +18 mist 4.70max
Lady wooler 1.1 C.Hu tao 1.1

Kelile4.70/(C)3.60 G.Falcon4.70
Shadereave3.60 wilbur3.60 colen 3.60
Lemminkainen1.1 mack1.1 rokkamush1.1

Hansel4.70 little john4.70 gadeirus3.60
Brynhild1.1 kash 1.1

Jott4.70 grimm4.70 agwe4.70
Zila lei 1.1 mireweave1.1

Proteus4.70 fura4.70 cyprian4.70
Gafar1.1 stonecleave1.1 chesire cat1.1

Hansel and gretel on my last team at war

This is the overlooked piece. If you can emblem one of these but not the others, that makes the choice!

Griffin is still sitting at 1:1 for me because I don’t have emblems for him (Bellerive took them!)

Thanks guys… very instructive insight… i was doing that alot… leveling up and didnt have enough to emblem…
Wang 1st… have the emblems needed… then Griffin i could get him to +15… no emblems to upgrade pig… even tho it seems to b a favorite

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Wang Yuanji first (She heals for more than Gullinbursti and if you LB her she will stnad in a fight with the likes of Elizabeth, Hannah etc when you get there)

Then Gulinbursti (I like to use Poomba and Wang Yuanji together in a yellow stack. It has worked wonders for me)

Last should be Griffin

I have all 3 maxed and I have’t used Griffin anywhere near as much as the other 2 but it’s all up to you. this is just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses:

I agree with you on the loot for sure :slight_smile: I suppose I wasn´t very exhaustive on that subject.

The point I was trying to make is: you simply can´t build a mono event team from the start. All you can do is a rainbow team and the best thing you can do with a rainbow team is building a defense team. It will be mostly appreciated by your alliance rather than by yourself, but there simply isn´t much choice.

From the second group of heroes on I do suggest to focus on offense 2-2-1 is a feasible offense strategy. I am first of all thinking in terms of PvP when building teams as that is the more difficult thing to do, a team that does well there is perfectly fine to use in any map/quest/event. While we are talking about 4 star heroes I think rare quests are not an issue anymore, they can be done easily enough with 3 star heroes.
Events don´t need any special team for completion, so these attack teams should prove easily capable to do just that. Competing in events for a top score is not only not feasible early on, it is an outright waste of resources, but even with the perfect event team rewards will never be even close to what you spend on competing, beyond completion. So I certainly would never suggest anyone to build a specialized event team early on.
For maps same thing: a good general attack team will do just fine, sure it is nice to build a superfast team for autofarming, but again that is a luxury to be done later when one has nothing better to do.
Trials is a somewhat different story and I have to admit I did not talk or even think about them at all in my previous post. I would say it is certainly worth thinking about them, but it is a minor issue, the first 2 stages are easy enough to beat with a few 3 star heroes, the third stage does need a bit more hero power and it can certainly be a challenge to beat them early on when one doesn´t have the heroes necessary. So I would suggest to at least keep the heroes classes in mind when upgrading heroes, not only for the sake of the trials, but also for the sake of available emblems to use on your heroes. Then again that might be pushed backwards until after the first 3 rainbows.

So I don´t think I am suggesting anything much different from you, but I may have made it sound like I would focus only on PvP, when I meant to say build general attack teams that can be used for anything besides PvP just as well. I just tend to think of how it works in PvP, as the rest is easy in comparison. For the sake of loot, definitely try and complete as many of the challenges as the game throws at you :slight_smile: It´s kinda your job that pays your bills. PvP is where you go to have fun and play and challenge yourself to become the best you can be. And then of course some people take it another step further and and spend an arm and a leg to compete for global glory to get on the top leader boards in the events etc :smiley:

I am not sure what you are saying there.

Are those first 3 rainbow teams your attack teams?

I mean if that works for you of course I don´t want to tell you otherwise, but in my personal experience rainbow teams on attack have gigantic flaws and only people with rosters far more advanced than you and I can pull that off :wink:

Just as a mental exercise try reorganizing all your heroes into 3 or 4 attack teams with a 3stack in a strong colour. In a rainbow team you never get any heroes charged up together, with a colour stack you charge them all simultaneously (depending on the speed of those heroes, you may need an extra match for some of them, but still you need 3 or 4 matches in one colour to get them charged, while in a rainbow team you need 3 or 4 matches in 3 different colours to get to the same place.

Just an example: CKiril, Agwe and Jott in one team could do some serious damage (Def down to all and 2 hit-all), Bring Hansel/Proteus (mana control to stop the most dangerous enemy from killing you while you charge blue) and Boldtusk/CRigard to heal you if you take damage while waiting for your blue matches. If you can time the attack up with the other 3 it will be even more impressive damage, but that´s just the cherry on top. Of course it´s not perfect as Jott is slower speed than Agwe/Kiril, but that really only matters if you have mana troops to speed the average speeders up to 3 matches, otherwise they all charge in 4 matches together.

Another great combo would be Guardian Falcon, Gormek and Scarlett. If you have EDD and regular defdown on the enemies scarlett will destro them :slight_smile: all of them hit 3 enemies, so best to pick one of the 2 sides rather than the tank directly. Again: just add 2 healers/mana controllers in other colours to keep them alive.

Something I haven´t tried, but just saw in your heroes there: Mist, Li Xiu and Chao all mess with enemy mana. Give it a try :smiley: Again add 2 supporters.

So teams could be:
CKiril, Agwe, Jott - Melendor, Hansel
Falcon, Gormek, Scarlett - CRigard, Proteus (my fav duo, I play them all the time together)

Li Xiu, Mist, Chao - Boldtusk, Sabina

Of course it is super easy to mix and match those pieces to whatever target you choose. Best would be to choose the 3 stack in the strong colour against the enemy tank (or boss when fighting events) and the 2 stack in the colour that is the more dangerous of the 2 flanks. Or if you are facing an enemy with especially nasty status effects (make sure you bring dispel/cleanse accordingly.
Say you face a red tank with counterattack, you want to bring your blue attack stack, there is no dispel among them, so make sure you bring one in your second colour: Look at the flanks: is it yellow? Bring Proteus/Sabina (instead of Rigard), is it blue? Bring Hansel/Melendor.

A different approach would be a team based on counterattack: These teams are less colour specific and more enemy skill specific, the more hitters the other side has the better for you, it´s hard to kill healers with counterattacks. I like to play them 2-2-x (counterattack+Healer - Sniper+Healer - 1 hero of any colour that does something useful, can be an extra healer if you face a defense of all attackers, can be an extra sniper (Caed/Sonya?) if you face a defense with 2 healers, can be a cleanse/dispel, can be a third of a colour if facing somebody with a colour stack on defense or just good old Proteus, who is never wrong! btw definitely emblem this guy ASAP, he´s your MVP)

Just looking at your roster I think it is certainly a good idea to get another healer upgraded, and if you have emblems for Wang I agree she´s a good choice! She can form a nice support double with Gretel for example. But in general I think you have many nice choices for hitters already, Griffin would be an upgrade to say Chao, but I don´t think the difference is as big as you will get from additional healers. btw don´t forget Lady Woolerton, she a good healer, too! I upgraded her before Wang, because of her fast speed, which is ideal for support stacks.

There are so many possibilities :slight_smile: Don´t limit yourself to rainbows is what I am trying to say. Have fun experimenting!

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I will get the mental exercising… looks like fun… i was just using rainbows for war im usuually stronger… I 3-2 in raids and 3-1-1 on titans… but i need to start using more synergy… as u explained…

Curious about the 2-2-×… i use to use 2-2-1 alot in raids… but when i got to diamond started losing… but i see it was most likely the synergy

@Blem thanks… I will most definitely LB Wang…

I didn’t get through every response in detail, but I
I feel a lot of attention was given to Wang and Gullinbursti. They are both good, my battle pig is 75 +20. I don’t have Wang.

I would say that essentially they’re both slow overhealers. Yea, there is the attack element to the pig, which is nice. If they’re both slow and both primarily overheal I would go with the one that overheals the most, Wang.

That being said, overheal isn’t essential and if you have overheal in different colors you may not necessarily need either. You also don’t necessarily need it. For example costume Melendor or Vivica are regularly taken over my pig in certain situations.

What I wanted to emphasize is you mention your yellows are primarily S1 4’s. I have had a beef with the yellow vanilla 4’s for a while in that no one can hit worth a darn. They are a color of support heroes. Relatively mediocre at best support heroes too IMO. Here’s where Griffin could be great.

M Griffin is 75 +20. His A value is like 932 or something without troops. That is higher than my +19 Joon and puts the vanilla yellow 4’s to shame. He is also fast mana with a really decent hit that gets stronger after it fires once. Being fast mana, firing more than once is not that difficult.

In a vacuum, overhealers are harder to get and therefore arguably more valuable than a fast 4* sniper. If you have healing covered in your roster, there are situations where sometimes you just need a big hit or big tile damage in yellow which the vanillas can’t give you. Yes, it’s roster dependent and the healer may make more sense, but think about your damage in yellow in general. It wouldn’t actually be that crazy to do Griffin first if your healing is secure. Every color at every level should have someone that just plain hits hard. Not always fancy, but just hits hard. There is value in that.

Food for thought, best of luck either way! :crossed_fingers:



I like Wang, but I would do Gulli first. I use Gulli in almost every raid, every war, every 4* and 5* tourney. He is there in every map stage and he is there on my purple titan team.

It is rare in this game to get a support hero (and a good one, being overboost) that is also an attacking hero - and a good one too, given the damage is high and he bypasses almost everything from your blind to defensive taunts and dodges.

Griffin is probably OK, but 4* hitters are generally underpowered compared to 3* and 5* at their equivalent levels.

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I also have all thre fully maxed and tbh I use guillpiggy more. Yes wang overheals for more but it seems like whenever I’ve taken her with me i can definitely tell she’s a slow hero but little piggy seems to go off faster (same troops, I guess I could test it out) or maybe the pig is more comfortable for me. And then as far as griffin goes well a 4* snipers always a plus but this one is a glass cannon. Ofcourse all this is just my personal opinion.
Good luck with whichever path you choose