Li Xiu or Gullinbursti at Tank

Both have similar Anchor scores and I would plan to flank with Rigard and Tiburtus. Any thoughts?

Is this for tournaments or raids or war…?

For a War defense team.

I prefer not to have too many healers in a defence team, so if you have Rigard already, I’d probably go Li.

War Boar is very good though and definitely better on rush.

Do either have more emblems?


Neither have emblems at the moment. Ive been rolling with the same defense team for a while and am looking to change it up. Got into an alliance that fights bigger titans so Im getting compasses more steadily, so Im getting more options.

If I go the Li Xiu route Ill probably split emblems with Wu to keep the titan loot flowing.

I think Gullinbursti is better than standard Rigard given overheal. He isn’t “wasting” his special with overheal if they dump tiles. I agree with @JonahTheBard about healers so I would consider leaving Gullinbursti and dropping Rigard.

Let us know your other hero options, that will help a lot too.


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Heres my roster and current defense team.

I did a quick run through. Are all those heroes mat stuck at 60 or are you just waiting?

If I assume you can bring a few up, I would try a rainbow team like this maybe:

Sonya - Gormek - Gullinbursti - Tibs - Caedmon

Over heal from Guillinbursti, couple of D dropper multi-enemy hitters that can absorb some damage on the flanks, and two fairly sturdy sniping wings that can dispel attack buffs.

It’s all trial and error, so play around. I would say leave it for multiple days when testing to get an accurate read. If the heroes work too you don’t have to go rainbow. Also, remember there is no unbeatable D. Not sure what your expectations are.

Good luck out there!


Perhaps Caedmon with the costume so there is one cleanser and one dispeller - as dispensing with Rigard?

Sure, that’s a fair point. Caedmon and Sonya costumes are great to have :+1:


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