Vs. Titans: Shadereave, Boldtusk, or Both?

I just drew my first Shadereave and my first Boldtusk. Both would help me fight green titans, but I’m not so sure they go well together. Shadereave’s attack boost would replace Boldtusk’s greater one, but it would also give me bonus crit chance. Should I use one, the other, or both for titan fights? My alliance is fighting at the 7* level, if that matters to you. If I don’t use both, I’d instead include my maxed Jean-François for tile damage or Scarlett for damage & Attack Down.

I would pick one or the other.

Given that Shadereave gives a crit buff as a trade off for some attack buff, I would pick Shadereave of the two.

I would line your heroes up: Shardereave - Falcon - Gormek - Wu Kong - {Highest attack stat red hero}

I would also look to replace gormek with Wilbur if you get him :slight_smile:


Personally I found running Wu at right wing ensures your first specials hit their mark.

I agree; hence why the important ones are all to the left of Wu Kong.

The final one is more being chosen for high attack stat not for doing special skill damage. So in that scenario, it doesn’t matter if they do miss because when they hit (more often than not) they will be doing much more damage.

Are you healing with potions? One thing to consider is Boldtusk might allow you to free up a battle item slot if you’re carrying healing items. Would this allow you to bring something more useful?


Iv yet to use shad on titans I still use BT I think the heal is more important.


I agree that Shadereave is better if healing isn’t a problem. I tried both Shadey and Boldy and my scores were a bit higher with Shadey.

but I use Boldy because my alliance fights 8* and 9* and I use a lot of frailer heroes like Wu and Scarlett so the heal is necessary

one point also is that Shadey’s special animation is quite slow. when i brought him i tried to time it so i fired his animation before other specials - this helps a bit as things would run simultaneously


Yeah I just used shad and bt on titan. bt or shad wilbur falcon colen jf scores was alright, wasn’t much difference was on a 5* just used mana really but usually on 11* titans and don’t think he survive that long even with a banner. Plus all down to tiles
Plus his a fighter and many more fighters out there who your gonna emblem.

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I fight 14* titans so Shadereave only with timestops on green titans, otherwise Boldtusk. + rest of my team is Wilbur, Falcon, GM, Wu


I realized something that has me looking to Boldtusk now–By the end of my 7* titan fights, I’ve usually had only 2 heroes left standing at the end. If I use Shadereave, he’ll resurrect heroes as draugr with only 500 Attack. This would reduce my damage output for the rest of the fight. Am I understanding this right?

I haven’t been using healing potions against titans. I ain’t got time for that :slight_smile:

I’m about ready to start leveling my next red hero (Boldtusk or Shadereave). Can someone tell me if I’m understanding this right? This detail alone is making Boldtusk look like the better option

I’d level another BT, Iv maxed shaderave I used on a clean up in the fast war that’s is probably where I’m going to use him only in the future.
I get you can use mana pots for him for titans but won’t make my titan team. Doubt a tol or ninja appearance either. Needs to be least average to bee viable for being a good hero.

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i dropped shadereave he is too slow for my taste boldi is faster and more consistent and aligned with wilbur and falcon


Purely based upon the numbers,
Boldtusk = +48% attack
Shadereave = +69% attack (average)

Math= (130% atk*(70% chance)+260% atk*30% chance) = 169%.

Of note, if you use Miki on green titans your total attack boost is capped at 170%. Which effectively means BT’s attack boost is lowered to +40% while both are active. This may be another reason to switch to Shadereave.

However, even knowing this I don’t use Shadereave on titans. As little heal on titans is almost always useful especially paired with wilbur. If you don’t have wilbur, then on 10* titans and higher, Boldie’s heal is likely not enough to have you survive two slash hits. In addition, the mana synergy works in BT’s favor: Boldtusk costume bonus w/ level 5 mana troop, Wilbur +20 w/Level 11 mana troop and Falcon +19 mana node + level 17 mana troop = they all charge in 9 tiles. That works really well in my experience.


wu Kong definitely…

I would go with Boldtusk. The heal always comes in handy . I would prefer to extend a battle longer than have a bit more boost in attack. The longer your heroes stand the better chance you have for an epic tile combo and massive damage . Ever notice the great combos always come near the end of time on Titan ? You are going to want to be alive when this happens

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