Best red 4* team for green titans

I now got all red 4* except for Sumle, which seem to suck at titans, + Wu-Kong.
What would be the best combination of 4* red heroes (and Wu-Kong) for titans?
Should Shadereave be used instead of Boldtusk?

Should Gormek not be used because of Wilbur?

Given heroes, as I see it, are Guardian Falcon, Wilbur and Wu-Kong.

Shadereve does what BT and Wilbur do at a slow speed. I’d do BT-Wilbur-Falcon-Sumle-Wu. Plus, Shadereve’s tile damage is garbage


BT - healing + attack bust, Wilbur - increase defence of your team and decrease defence of titan, Falcon - addional decreasing for red tiles, Wu Kong - no comments, Scarlet - decrease titan’s attack

I think it somewhat depends on item usage. If you use mana pots or tornados on titans consistently, then hero speed is irrelevant.

Shadereave has low attack and gives less attack buff than BT, but adds crit which I don’t believe any other 4* does. Crit tiles do double damage but relies on RNG.

Option 1: BT+CB - Wilbur - G.Falcon - Scarlett - Wu Kong
Option 2: Shadereave - Wilbur - G.Falcon - Scarlett - Wu Kong

I think option 1 will on average do more damage but option 2 has a higher potential damage.


Shadereve +30% att, BT +45% att.
Shadereve plus side is +30% crit, so if all red heroes use crit troop, it can be good and optimal results. But still based on RNG crit chance… and also crit troop is low att bonus.

Otherwise, BT 45% is stable and can use focus for mana troop (which is better for +att stat), and still guaranteed critical tiles on weak spot.

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used shadereave instead of boldtusk but reverted back to boldi.

boldi wilbur falcon are all average making them ready at the same time. shaders slowspeed is simply annoying for this purpose.

also his crit is a hit and miss sometimes great sometimes not so much. boldi is the more stable titan hero and he has heal.

I’d never owned wu kong but If I did I still probably wouldn’t use him with say falcon on a titan as I’d rather have the hits on the elemental def down hit all. That’s my opinion
I run BT wilbur falcon scarlet colen maybe use JF sometime.

Anchor had some input about Shadereave: Shadereave Empires and Puzzles Hero Breakdown - YouTube