Proteus/Hel + Onatel = feels like cheating in events

Just wanted to share this strategy I found.
First, it may seems a bit awkward pairing the mana stealing Onatel with mana blocking Proteus, but with the correct timing you’ll never have to worry about event bosses and their specials ever again!

The trick is as simple as it’s genious:
Make sure both Proteus and Ona is charged for boss round. Fire Proteus first, and make a tile move. Then fire Onatel. Mana is still blocked, but at these stages, Ona steals very little anyways. Then, when Proteus’ special wears off, Onatel’s skill is at stage 3, and the bosses gain only 25% mana first round, and none on the last turn. Make sure to match purple tiles under the effect to charge up Proteus again, and start over (Onatel charges herself, unless you’re very unlucky with your tiles).
I put Ariel in the mix to strengthen mana gain, but you can bring mana pots to always make sure Proteus is ready to go again!
This works great. I finished last level on legendary without a single special from the bosses. Alice was closest with about 75% mana gained in just under 5 minutes of gameplay.


This…is…great! :wink:

How is this better than having 2 Protei/Hels?


Maybe the trick is that Proteus + Hel forces you to match only purples to gain mana.

While Proteus + Onatel will give mana to Proteus with purples and to Onatel with every color (because of the stealing)

But yeah, 2 mana control heroes timed properly will prevent enemies from shooting specials.

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I do that, it’s a quite effective strategy.

Yellow stack: Hel - Onatel - Guinevere - Gretel - Jackal

In a 4* stack: Proteus - Li Xiu - Gretel - Jackal - Merlin

(of course, getting these heroes isn’t simple)

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Yep, this strategy is known, though bringing it up during an event is a good reminder. I also use it during the Trial of Mysticism.

Your Recommendation

Five turn mana control at an average of about 80%.

My Recommendation

Six turn mana control at an average of (just over) two thirds.

I prefer to fire Onatel after two turns of full mana block from Proteus. I find her 50% steal on turn two more than viable. The amount of overall control is still substantial, but I find that the extra turn gives me more flexibility about re-charging one of my (or even another) heroes. There are definitely times I follow up with Onatel instead of Proteus (although in Mysticism the truth is I’m often firing Mitsuko somewhere in there, which changes things quite a bit).


Preventing boss specials is as easy as Proteus/Hel and mana potions (no other rare heroes needed). Here’s my tactic:

  1. Have Pro charged before boss level.
  2. Fire Pro 1st round (as well as others).
  3. Match tiles for that round and the 2 following rounds.
  4. Use mini potions to recharge Pro (if necessary)
  5. Repeat until stage is cleared.

Only problem is for purple reflect challenges (can’t remember which one that is), but I didn’t have Proteus the last time it came around (relied on Little John, Li Xiu, and Time stops)

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Only 1 Proteus is needed to stop the boss from firing even once, but with another Proteus/Hel + Onatel, mana potions usage will be reduced by far that result in less food and midnight root comsumption.

I do similar but with Merlin/Gretel(/Hansel if I had him) as I dont have proteus. The difference being Ona is gaining mana the whole time and even if the enemy gets full mana, they dont get their actual special. I prefer Merlin since he cuts mana all the way down as opposed to the Witch Slayer only being 50% reduction.

Been using 2 Proteus forever

I use mini mana potions, as my midnight roots go towards making bombs for the titan.

Why does the title say “cheating in events”? This isn’t a cheat, but a viable strategy…


Proteus + mana pots does fine on his own. None of the final stage bosses fired once on Legendary.

This is an interesting strategy, but Onatel is superfluous imho.

@Tamsin or anyone who can explain this please
How does Merlin cut mana all the way down?
I thought he dealt more damage the more mana they have.
Asking because I have to make a decision on my next purple project. Merlin or 2nd Proteus other is maxed +9

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I’ve tweaked the thread title.


Nope Merlin makes you fire on random allie, use all mana, I use him a lot to.


Hel + Proteus for me being lucky enough to have one of each.

Everyone charged up, fire Hel, wait 3 turns, fire Proteus, rinse and repeat.

Minor mana potion as needed.

I’ve been preaching this for months now. Welcome to the revolution! :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Proteus is a beast. Empires and puzzles : último estágio avançado do império da areia - YouTube

I love my Onatel-Proteus-Hansel-Misandra-Sabina -team. Battles are often over before event bosses get a single hit and I also raid in diamond level with them. I went through sand empire with them. Rana shoot only once during the battle :smile: