Version 35 Release Notes & Status


2021-02-04T08:53:00Z: We have now finished the rollout for Android and iOS.

Release Notes

  • Content for new Challenge Event added.
    • Prepare to meet the League of Villains in February!
    • League of Villains heroes receive new bonuses when used in the League of Villains Event:
      • Stat Bonus
      • Bypass Element Shields
    • Rare and Epic trainer heroes can now be received from the Challenge Event Summon.
  • Valhalla Forever Event added.
    • All Season 3 stages have a reduced World Energy Cost.
    • A new unique Enemy can be found in Season 3 stages during Valhalla Forever. Complete levels containing this unique Enemy to receive Valhalla Coins, Emblems and more!
  • Friendly Matches added.
    • Play Raid matches against your Alliance members.
  • Raid Formations added.
    • 3 new alternative defense formations for Raids.
    • You need to have Hero Academy built to change your Raid Formation.
    • You can face new formations in Raids even if you don’t yet have your Hero Academy built.
    • Formations only apply to regular Raids, not Raid Tournaments or Wars.
    • Formations can be changed in the Hero Academy once every 24 hours.
    • Raid Formations will initially launch as a limited-time “Global Beta”, running from February 15th at 07:00 (UTC) to March 15th at 07:00 (UTC).
  • Smaller fixes and changes:
    • Changed the text shown when one of a heroes unequipped costumes is usable for event.
    • Fixed an issue where when Costumed Kadilen had dodge on and Miki fired, all heroes dodged despite Miki only hitting three heroes.
    • Fixed a crash when a stage was continued more than 32 times.
    • Alchemy Lab Transmutation queue capped to 100 transmutations and players with a larger queue have been given the materials and resources back, delivered to their inbox, to avoid memory issues.
    • Fixed an issue where heroes were resurrected invisible.
    • Fixed a rare issue where a zombie might resurrect as it’s original hero form for no reason after death.
    • Fixed level up screen not showíng if a player leveled up in the Ninja Tower or a Challenge Event.
    • If you had not chosen your next blessing in Ninja Tower, you might have seen the Choose Blessing popup even after event ended. This is now fixed.
    • Fixed a crash when rerolling for an opponent after first opponent was online.
    • Fixed a visual issue where Marjana is shown to double dodge.
    • Fixed an issue where the season three map shadow layout was off.
    • Fixed an issue where the game froze if you disconnected and then reconnected Bluetooth headphones mid-battle.
    • Harvester relics now work in Season 2 and Season 3 but the effect doesn’t stack with Atlantis Rises.
    • Fixed a rare issue where Ameonna or Stonecleave would be regarded dead with 1 hp remaining if they were in ghost form.
    • Fixed an issue with rounding hp on special skills that do more or less damage if opposing hero is at 50% hp (e.g. Kageburado, Fenrir, Ursena & Costume Azlar).
    • Fixed back button in Ninja Tower story taking you back to the completed floor.
    • Challenge Event, Ninja Tower and Mythic Titan leaderboards now show the latest team that has been used to increase the player’s score.
    • Fixed an inconsistency where Gullinbursti’s status effect damage was not reflected by holy barriers on Titans and the Challenge Event enemies of Guardians of Teltoc. The damage is now reflected.
    • Fixed a few costumes that had maxed out Special Skill attributes with 1/8 skill level.
    • Fixed Arrow Barrage War Support Icon.
    • Fixed a bug where if you used your last harpoon on a Titan and fled you would get a connection error in the next Titan battle.
    • Fixed an issue where defender’s negative tile enhancement attack modifier combined with a hero’s attack buff produced incorrect troop damage.

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