[Master] ❤ Friendly Matches -- Feedback & Discussion Thread

:heart: :hocho: Friendly Matches

Also called Practice Battles, Friendly Raids, Practice Matches etc…

:timer_clock: Release?

This feature was added in Version 35 update of the game.
If you don’t have this update/ feature yet, just be patient. Roll-outs are progressive & are staggered by region by Apple/ Google Play Stores

:zap: Energy/ Flags

You get a total of 5 free flags to use per day. You then have the option to purchase an additional 5 flags from the shop for 100 gems (under resources tab)

:world_map: Access?

Really simple to access. Simply:

  1. Go to Alliance Menu
  2. Go to the “Member” tab (default)
  3. Tap one of your allies

On their player profile card which shows their defence team and stuff, there is a small blue button which says “BATTLE”.

Hitting the “BATTLE” button beings up a screen similar to the normal raid screen. You then pick your team and away you go.

Alternatively, you can tap their icon from the Alliance or Global Chat, which also brings up their player profile. Like above, there is the “BATTLE” button. This method ONLY works for alliance members.

:crossed_swords: Battle Format

It’s just like a normal raid battle. Note that it also mirrors whatever Raid Defence Formation that ally member has set out.

:mantelpiece_clock: History

There is no in-game history for the practice battles fought. You will have to rely on typing the message yourself.
Similarly, there is no in-game means of sharing a recording/ preview of the battles fought. You will have to do this via a third party application like Line or WhatsApp etc…

:money_mouth_face: Rewards?

There are no rewards at all for finishing/ playing Friendly Matches.
No Food. No Iron. No Trophies. No Recruits. No count towards “Wanted Chests”.

:test_tube: Beta Content

Check the below #beta-beat thread for the history of beta for this feature:
🧪 Early Information on Friendly Matches [Part of The Beta Beat V35]

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Original Request Threads

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I am still waiting for the E&P software update, version 35 for friendly battle option…but my alliance has started and it seems fun seeing the attack videos shared on-Line :grinning:

Please share your experience… Thanks

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@Guvnor has created a master thread for this:


Hi, I have in Google Play store the game set to update in automatic mode. So I am supposed to have always the latest version installed. Yet my Friends can fight among them but I can’t as I don’t have the fight button.
I try to update manually but Google Play store says there is no newest update as I am supposed to have It already. The one I have is dated 23 january.
It seems there is another one with date 25 january that doesn’t show anywhere in my Google Play store. And I have cleared the caché un both apps (the game and the store).
Please fix this. I also had problems with the mystic titan. So please explain why I recently keep having problems when playing new released versions of the game. Is there something I am doing wrong?

Updates are staggered by region by google play; progressive roll-out and all that.

Just be patient, it’ll appear.


It usually takes few days until everyone receive the update…

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For friendly battles:

  1. Need an additional page with information on the attacks of alliance comrades. Because, I want not only to test the defenses of my colleagues, but also to see how your defense is worth. I would like to see which of the alliance attacked, from what time won. It would be nice to see it something like a raid log, where you can see who attacked and losses and victories are marked in red and green.

  2. We need additional functionality for friendly battles - the ability to choose the battle mode, which are in war - fast mana, fast attack and others.


Great idea. Totally agree.

Perhaps. We set up a separate room in Line chat to view, or to ask team mates to attack and record the battle. Working well so far - touch wood :wink:


Add your vote here…


Agree that this should have the ability to select a war / tournament rule to apply to the battle.

One other question does this fill your wanted hero chest?

No, there are no rewards at all for participating in Friendly Battles.

Added this section to Op now:


On a side note I never understood why war hero kills don’t fill the chests.


We are planning on doing the same thing. I imagine it would quickly overwhelm our general chat room otherwise.


We also thought of saving battles in albums, but alas you cant do that in Line. And of course, once the original poster deletes it, you can’t view it anymore :thinking:.

Most are chaffing at the bit to attack other team mates lol. Nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry lol. But, the rolling updates seem to be taking an eternity… GL


Going to cross-post this from the beta-beat thread:

One interesting application of this is you could make an in-alliance mini competition/ tournament of sorts:

Judging a “winner” is admittedlynot necessarily straighforward but some options:


If there are no rewards whatsoever, not even counting towards defeats on Wanted Mission chests, what is the point? As it stands I am typically #1 of 30 in my alliance w/a power rating 100 to 200+ max power over my next closest allies who generally rotate through slots 2 thru 5 (and I am neither the founder nor leader of my alliance, it just worked out that way) so I am guaranteed to win literally every fight. That doesn’t really feel much like a friendly match, more like just me beating up any ally, any time I want to.

29 other members of you alliance will be able to benefit from practicing on your superior defense.


This idea came from the community



I suppose, but I think most everyone looks at another player’s power rating and decides beforehand whether it’s worth the effort. I’m sitting at about 4700 power rating and I still literally never, ever raid anyone who has a max power rating above me during Wanted Missions because I prefer to win.

basically something to do when you have too much spare time :sweat_smile:


One more question about this. Do Gadeirus or Gullinbursti kills count towards their respective avatar missions as they do in raids? I’m assuming not, but searching the early info thread and this one I’m not finding if this was asked/answered.

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