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I really hope Harvester relics are disabled during Atlantis Rising

Heroes Revealed

Interesting it took SGG this long, usually companies want players to see this information to drive hero purchasing.

  • Fixed a crash when a stage was continued more than 32 times.

At that point you should just give up :joy:


Yeah… Some quick maths (based on +25 gems per each next continue):

10 continues = 1,875 gems.

20 continues = 6,250 gems.

32 continues = 13,600 gems.

At some stage you gotta just give up and wait till next time…


New content aside, making the harvesters usable is probably the biggest one here. Agree with Gryphonknight that it needs to be plain and clear to anyone that they do not work on Atlantis Rises (most of people won’t read or won’t remember the new release notes), but I think a note in the item description will do. It needed to be updated anyway and I hope they include that exception there. What if I want to farm Valhalla with my harvester and it happens to be during the Atlantis Rises? Should not be completely disabled imho.

Huge list of bug fixes also welcome. Though beside the bluetooth freeze I wasn’t impacted by any of these personally.


I’ve updated and it is in the description


I guess the raid formation will be something like W, M or V instead of the current inverted V?

Raid formation deets

Nothing new to add because everyone has already said it above:
Great improvement to harvesters (haven’t used one and not sure when I will though)
Large list of bug fixes

Quality release

I hope the trainer heroes in summons is for all challenge events not just LoV.

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Thanks for the info. I barely have one good tank, and now I can use 2 or 3? :stuck_out_tongue:

That crash when reroll fix alone removes a great nuisance.


One thing. if the Relics are non usable during AR and VF, will Valhalla Forever have increased loot during the event like AR?

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Still unnecessarily punishing to developing players. If everyone has to face new formations, then they should be available for everyone to use. Where is the logic in this?

(edit: sorry @Gryphonknight , this was supposed to be a general reply to the thread not to your comment.)

  • Rare and Epic trainer heroes can now be received from the Challenge Event Summon.

Made my day.


No, VF will not have increased loot

would be my one-sided friendship match. the competitor should see defeat and win.

@Guvnor I did not see the bug regarding Lady Loki missing when having “blind” status ailment w/in the realease notes. I thought this was to be fixed in V35? I used Lady Loki in the past 2 Alliance Wars and the bug is definitely still there – she missed hitting several defensive heros when returning Drake Fong’s blind back to the defensive team.


Not sure if i like this … when i summon its for heroes. Feeder trainer = less chances at a hero … or I’m misunderstanding it?


To clarify, that is how it appeared in first iteration in beta. It may be subject to change.

It lowers chances for the CLASSIC rare/epic heroes by a bit. Chances for legendaries or event heroes were not changed.

So basically it’s a chance that a feeder will be a better feeder. Unless for people who still hunt for like Boldtusk or Grimm - they are the only ones who are slightly impacted.


Lol, so much bugs guys.


What about the Alfrike bug? When will this one be addressed?


It took them >1 year to fix that bug affecting heroes like Ursena and Kage. Let’s hope that Lady Loki will take much less time

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