Pala-do or Pala-don't that is the question!

Hello all! I am having an emblem issue (and a war defense team issue)! My issue is about stripping Arthur to give to Telluria and then move Richard to my war tank spot but he is also a paladin… Any advice on this predicament would be great!

My raid defense:

My war defense once Tell is in:

My Pals:

What on God’s green Earth do I do!?

Tell your alliance it’s either move to green tanks or you’ll quit

Ok, so they’ve got a handful of melendors, skittles and the odd Gobbler, but that’s their look out.

However, if you don’t like that idea I’m going to say prioritize your war tank.

Once you’re in diamond, it doesn’t matter how high up you sit, but a good war tank is worth enemy flags.

And that means victories.

So, pick your best war tank and give 'em emblems.


Ah so as leader of alliance I should run it more with an iron fist!!! I don’t think the move would be to tell everyone to go to green tanks… But I’d say Richard has better defense stats than Arthur so it’d have to Richard… With a flanking Tell in the lineup…

Thanks for your help! Much appreciated @JonahTheBard!


Feel free to get other opinions before taking my word for it :laughing:


Lol oh the question is still open to the public! I have this particular one to as many as 5 different platforms :expressionless:… This one is definitely bugging me a little so I await more input but at least wanted to show appreciation to the first opinion to come along!


That definitely describes my strategy :thinking:

Lol I’m definitely digging your strategy though… The more I think about it the more I use Arthur in other areas of the game… And I’ve never looked at emblem prioritizing like that… :thinking: Definitely a thinker.

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I agree. War defense gets first priority on emblems, because war chests. Titan teams get second, because titan chests. After that, they can go to raid attackers and raid defense.

So with my situation is Richard a better tank than Arthur and should I swap those emblems over from Arthur to Richard?

I don’t have Arthur, so I can’t really compare them side by side. I know Arthur’s special is a little more niche than Richard’s

I am in a somewhat similar predicament. I have Frida plus 12 and now Telly at plus 5, but i am not going to take the talents away from Frida and make her weaker. She is still on my D team for now and i still need her for war so i am just using all paladin emblems i get from now on to Telly.

My advice is to keep the emblems on the heroes and just use what you get going forward on your tank

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Do you have any purple 5* maxed? Or any 4* at +20? Just wanna know if you have other options to choose from, or if this is the gist of it.

& Am I right in assuming you guys are running blue tanks for war, therefore you must make either Richard or Arthur your tank?

If I’m correct, then with the info provided, I’d suggest:


Richard would make a better tank than Arthur, but aside from defense, embleming Richard just wouldn’t be as effective and/or versatile as embleming either an amazing titan and raid support hero (Arthur) or embleming a super-star tank that’s got a little of everything (Telluria). So unless you value your war defense above all else, I’d be focusing on one of the others – and seeing as you’re running ice tanks in war anyway, Arthur looks to be your best bet [for that] if you want versatility. That way, you don’t need to reset your emblems, you’ve got someone strong to use as your ice war tank, and you can still bring him with, and make use out of him, on offensive battles like titans and raids – due to the elemental defense down.

So that means that what you have set as your current war defense team is probably your best option [given that info].

As for regular defense, think Telluria is your best option for tank, but seeing as your emblems are already on Arthur - you have two options.

  1. You could strip Arthur, give all of your emblems to Telluria, and suffer in war moreso lacking a strong ice tank.

  2. You could split the emblems, and give all newly received emblems to Telluria without touching the emblems still on Arthur. That saves you a reset token, and allows you to have two pretty strong defensive heroes rather than just one super strong one. (Preferred option)

If you do this, with the heroes you have, this is what I’d suggest for regular defense:



Poseidon-Santa-Telluria-Neith-Arthur (assuming Richard never goes to 80, or never sees emblems, therefore not as helpful placed on defense)

Not great, as I prefer full rainbow teams, with only very fast (or fast) heroes in the wings - but given what’s shown, think those are your best bets.

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Think about who you would replace… in the long run. Don’t emblem them.

Your defense is overall pretty slow. I’d imagine you’d want to add a another sniper like alasie or seshat.

I have Obakan at 3/70 and his general feedback is… Meh… I have rigard +9 (I think I can take him to 20) and Sabina at +14 (can definitely take her to 20) my Alt Account is full of utility and healer heroes… Up until Poseidon from a few AR’s ago I do not have that great of a hitter depth.

Yes blue tanks for war thus the options are Arthur or Richard. I would like to run rainbow eventually but I lack purple and really hitters in general. One more scope and I have the mats for Richard but again would like to stick to rainbow and in a perfect world would like to avoid the reset/loss of resources.

I would eventually like to add a purple or blue hitter to the raid defense as BK is going to enter the mix once ready… Probably replace Santa in the lineup

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